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Hoi An: Broths, Beaches, And Bucket-List Days

There are plenty of reasons why Hoi An is one of the most coveted destinations in Vietnam. People love to visit its tight-knit streets and historic lanes, all of which have garnered it a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site tag. But there are beaches, too, strung out along the blue waters of the South China Sea. And there are buzzing night markets filled with scented food stalls and mysterious trinkets. Check it out…

The Hectic Haze Of Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City

There are few cities in the world with the same exotic draw as Ho Chi Minh City. Steeped in war only 30 years ago, it's still got a sort of off-the-beaten-track allure to it that's hard to pin down. I traveled there to explore its nooks, crannies, corners and fascinating relics from decades gone by. What I found was a medley of French colonial treats, sizzling street food markets, wild evenings filled with homemade whiskey, uber-friendly locals, and a hectic haze of urban energy. Read on for more…

8 Must-try Vietnamese Foods!

We all love a good Thai curry, and India's chili-packed paneers and tandoor sauces are now everywhere in the west. But what about Vietnam? This elongated nation on the eastern edge of the Indochina Peninsula is home to a truly unique and taste-bud-tingling kitchen all of its own. Packed with the tangy scents of ginger, stacks of chili, oodles of oxtail, beef broths, tropical herbs, beansprout garnishes, fried omelette, charred onions and fish sauces, it's a veritable roller-coaster ride for the budding foodie.


Vietnam might live in the shadow of Bali and Indo when it comes to surfing, but a long coastline of over 3,000 kilometres right in the middle of Southeast Asia surely can't be without its own swells, right? Damn right! From Nha Trang to buzzing Da Nang, pretty Hoi An beach and beyond, there are plenty of places to wax up the board and hit the rollers in Vietnam. Here are just seven of the best


There's no question about it: Sapa is one of the most awesome places in Vietnam. Nestled high up between the dagger-like karst mountains of Lao Cai Province in the extreme north of the country, it’s a totally wild place. It's surrounded by sweeping vistas of deep-green rice paddies and forest. The horizon is marked by the colossal outline of Phan-Xi-Pang (also known as the Fansipan Mountain), which is Vietnam's highest at a whopping 3,100 meters above sea level. Meanwhile, winding rivers and clutches of fir trees pepper the surroundings, creating a place that rarely fails to take the breath away (seriously, no cliché!).


Da Nang, Vietnam, is a city often overlooked by the globetrotter. Once written off as just a provincial hub for transport to and from the UNESCO sites of Hue, Hoi An and the verdant Ba Na Hills, it's now changing its tone with speed. It spills into the ocean along the bustling strips of China Beach, where luxurious hotel resorts mingle with DJ-spinning clubs and pearly-white sands. It's bolstered by the mysterious religious shrines and legends of the Marble Mountains on the outskirts of the centre, not to mention the gorgeous ridges of Son Tra. And then, of course, there's the bucket list retreat of Hoi An – one of Vietnam's top draws, sat just a stone's throw down the road from the big city. LBW tours pass close by, which means you might just get a chance to indulge in some of these top activities…