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10 Of The Most Bohemian Neighborhoods In The World

From the boho coffeeshops of East London to the ramshackle squat bars of Berlin, the alternative streets of Venice Beach to the surprisingly off-beat beatnik dives of Bangkok, we go in search of the world's most counterculture, cool areas. If you've packed the drainpipes and have a penchant for craft beer, this could just be the travel list for you…

8 Things You've Done If You're A Serious Traveller

Travelling brings joy to a part of our souls no other thrill can. Getting lost in old cities, catching barrels on ancient waves, and sipping tea with monks inspires us and opens our minds to indescribable possibilities. Along the way we’ve gotten lost, made some mistakes, and discovered new adventures in serendipitous ways. Here are 8 words of wisdom from some serious travellers...

10 Destinations To Get Your Surf On

From the jungle-shrouded, sloth-stalked beaches of Costa Rica to the salt-washed coastline of Portugal and the windblown coves of Vietnam, this list of 10 great destinations to get your surf on is bound to have something to take the fancy. See you on the swells folks…

Top 10 Things to do in Panama!

Sounds pretty exotic right? This prestigious rescue centre was created after locals began dropping off wounded abandon animals. This experience will leave you with a warm heart and big smile. Interact with monkeys, and get up close and personal with other rare animals. Coffee Plantation Tours

Top 10 Reasons Why Peru NEEDS to be on your Bucket List

Peru is a country full of so much character just waiting to be introduced to everyone! The dark jungles, furry lamas and infamous Inca Trail are only SOME of the astounding things that build a beautiful picture when thinking about visiting Peru. Blessed with attractions, activities and delicate culture, Peru wins when it comes to traveling across South America, and here are the TOP 10 reasons why you need to meet Peru! :) 

Top 10 Ways to Explore Your Inner Self

Try New Food You'll never know if you like it, until you actually try it. Sure, we all have those foods that we absolutey do not like, but, when was the last time you tried it? You're in a foreign country, its time to explore those budding taste buds of yours! And guess what? If you fall in love with the food (which you will) take a cooking class so you can make it when you get home! Best of both worlds.