10 Ways To Save For Your Dream Trip

10 Ways To Save For Your Dream Trip

It's Tuesday and you're already wishing for the weekend; the coffee is not stimulating you as much as it is slowing you down; you Google holiday hot-spots on your lunch break - sound familiar? Research shows that there are twice as many “actively disengaged” workers in the world as there are “engaged” workers who love their jobs. You are not alone.

Whether you are a working professional yearning for a break or a student wanting to take that one last leap into the unknown before joining the working force, what could be better than getting away, leaving the country, finding yourself or even Nemo!

Time to check those funds... Not looking great? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there.

We've done some research, and we are going to help you save up for that trip you've been dreaming about. Here are 10 ways you can speed up that money-saving process:


(1) Cut Out The Morning Cappuccinos

Love that morning coffee? Well, that cafe loves your money. Every dollar you spend on coffee/tea you could be putting away for your travels, not convinced? Lets do some math: the $4 that you spend at Starbucks is, $120 a month, that is $1440 a year. That’s 2 months spending money in Thailand, or roaming the Gili islands, in Indonesia. You don't have to stop drinking coffee, just brew your own cup; cut out the lattes and cappuccinos or learn how to make them. 

(2) Use Your Skills To Get An Extra Job

Getting a job on the side from your regular one is always a good idea, and you can make this enjoyable. Have a hobby? Use your photoshop skills to do some design work or your home DIY to help out a local building firm. This allows you to make some extra money so you can take some time off and enjoy yourself. Maybe you can come live the YachtLife with us!


(3) Cancel Your Gym Membership

When’s the last time you checked what you’re actually paying for? We always have those moments when we pay for a monthly subscription and never use. Gym memberships are a typical one, you don’t need to pay $60+ for amazing gym facilities, check out some of the home workout programs and get great results without the costly membership. This also comes in handy as there won't always be a gym around on your travels. Also remember abs are made in the kitchen anyways (see #6) so put down that bag of cheezies! 

(4) Open Up A Savings Account

You may have probably ignored a thousand letters from your bank asking you to open a savings account, but right now it's probably one of the best things you could do; if you’re really looking to save for your travels. When you start building a certain amount of cash, the bank pays interest into your account, which means you get more money on top over a long period of time. 

You can also set up a direct debit into your savings, so you don't have to worry about transferring an amount over each month, it’s all automatic! 


(5) Downgrade Your Phone Plan

Most smartphone plans costs between $70-80 dollars per month, depending on what network provider you’re on. Also you might want to stop making those phone calls to 1900 numbers, and, if you “won a free cruise”, that’s probably not the case so you shouldn’t press 1 for more info. 

As handy as a smartphone is getting a cheaper one with a decent camera will do exactly the same job. We're not saying go back to a Nokia 3210, but at least you'll be saving money for that dream trip to Vietnam. 

(6) Make Your Meals At Home

You probably have a daily lunch routine that goes something like this... You buy your favourite yogurt or cereal bar, come lunch time off to subway or your local salad bar and by the afternoon your down the shops buying a snack. That's probably around 10-12$ a day. Doing a bulk shop at the beginning of the month allows you to cook your own meals and save a few hundred dollars. And remember that tinder date that loves home cooked food? What better opportunity to brush up those cooking skills.


(7) Reduce Your Credit Card Bills

Gone are the days using credit cards to pay off credit cards and being in an unsurmountable sink-hole of debt, we’ve all been there. As you’re probably aware (after nodding to the first sentence) running up your credit card bill is probably one of the easiest things to do, paying it off can be difficult; but there are ways to pay it off. One of the most reliable ways to reduce that bill is have your employer transfer a sum every month straight from your paycheque into your credit account. This makes it convenient and easy. 

Don't forget always use your debit card to pay off your credit bills, as thats money you don't owe, its all yours! You can also take advantage of pre paid credit cards, these are cards that you top up with a certain amount to control your expenditure. 

(8) Friday Night Drinks Can Be Movie Night At Home

We all know that bars in town like to charge a ridiculous amount for your favourite drink, may that be a Caesar or just a beer. Inviting your friends over for a few drinks, movie and pizza will save you more than you think! Oh and buying in bulk is always cheaper. Just make sure your cheap friends contribute or this could be MORE expensive.


(9) Sell Your Unwanted/Unused Goods

We all have the guilty habit of buying something and using it once, or never using it at all. Search the corners of your house / room and look for those unwanted goodies, remember that speaker box that put out enough decibels contributing to your neighbours going deaf? It’s probably collecting dust along with your designer handbag that is totally 3 years ago, thats right… let it go.

eBay is one of the best places to put stuff on for sale, you can set a price and people who really want it will bid and you can keep watching the price go up. Remember one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. 

(10) Sell Your Car Or Share With Your Mates

As great as having a car is, it is one of the most expensive things people can buy that’s not always necessary. If you live in the city, ride a bike or use public transit at a fraction of the cost. If you live outside the city and a car is necessary, carpool, share a ride with a co-worker who lives near you; just cook them one of your delicious meals you've learned to make!

Selling your car can give you a decent amount of cash and you’ll be saving on car insurance which leaves more money for zip lining in Nicaragua.


BONUS TIP * Move Back Home

You may want to turn your location settings on Facebook off for this one. Moving back home isn’t the easiest choice to make and it may not be ideal for tinder dating or your sex life, but it sure will save you money! You may have to barter with your parents for cheaper living but it beats paying regular rent plus utility bills. 

We know you’re still contemplating this one but remember, its only temporary. You’ll be climbing the gateway to heaven in Machu Picchu in no time. 

Saved Enough?

You've saved for your special trip, and can't decide where to go? We can definitely help! Click Here to see all the amazing destinations that Life Before Work Travel offers!

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