Travelling Solo With LBW

The first question I get when I tell people I travel alone is, “Isn’t that dangerous?” I follow by asking them if they ever go anywhere alone. Isn’t that dangerous?

Every single day we put ourselves in situations, whether it be driving on the highway, walking on a street alone, or flying in an airplane, we are always in some sort of danger. If you let that fear of danger stop you from doing anything you want, then you’re choosing to live your life in fear.


The second question I get is, “Won’t you feel lonely?” Yes and no. It’s bound to happen at some point, but the best part of travelling alone is that you get to spend time to get to know yourself. You can choose whatever you want to do, and put yourself before everyone else, because there is no one else around but you. Sure, homesickness gets the best of us, but being alone allows you to find yourself.


Travelling solo with LBW is a great way to start. It’s hard to feel homesick when you’re surrounded with other solo travelers or even people who came in groups. The LBW family is so accepting of everyone, so regardless of how long you’ve known each other, you become the best of friends.


It’s also hard to feel as if you’re in danger when you have friends and a tour guide looking after you. If you’re thinking of traveling solo for the first time, LBW is the way to do it. 


Buenas dias!

My name is Morgan. I’m from Edmonton Alberta, Canada. I’ve taken two tours with LBW and will 100% be signing up for another in the near future. About me, I have two chihuahuas, a couple of frogs and a cat. Crazy animal house I know. Back home when I’m not travelling (and sometimes while I am travelling) I teach pole dancing for a living! I got into teaching after being a student for two years. I also work an office job but it’s not as much fun to talk about or do. Mucho gusto, and hopefully you enjoy reading my blog!

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