Thaiventure Tour Part Three: Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

Thaiventure Tour Part Three: Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

Koh Phangan is a much bigger island than Koh Tao. Just as beautiful though. We arrived to a beach front resort where we were assigned our rooms and they were so nice. Krystal and I almost had separate rooms in our room which was a nice change to have some privacy. 

The first day we all just hung around the pool. A few people went out to a pool party that night. Due to some bad chicken we had a movie night with some Thai captions on it. 

The next day everyone was feeling much better and we took a big party boat out for the day to get some sun and go swimming. We were able to jump off the boat, it had a slide, kayaks and a bunch of snorkeling gear as well. It was such a great day, they fed us, it was awesome. 


That night everyone who wanted to go to the Muay Thai fights did, and the ones who didn’t went to Amsterdam bar. Honestly one of the coolest places I had ever been, it was quite the hike to get to but well worth it. Got to spend the evening chilling out by the pool with an incredible view. 

The next morning was a completely optional day because lots of people wanted to get some sleep before the full moon party that night. Tye and I went to yoga at 9 am. It was so relaxing and such an incredible experience to do yoga in the jungle. It was basically one on one and the instructor gave us a head massage at the end of it. 

The rest of the day was spent by the pool or at beach volley ball on Malibu beach. That night we partook in Loi Krathong, one of the most picturesque festivals where people gather around lakes, rivers and canals to pay respects to the goddess of water by releasing beautiful lotus shaped rafts, decorated with candles, incense and flowers onto the water. We were each given floating flower boats to light up and send away into the ocean while making a wish. 


After that was the paint pre party before the full moon party, everyone decorated each other and then went to the full moon party. The final group to return arrived around 5am. Sparkles and glow paint everywhere. 

The next day was another relaxing day by the pool before heading to the 360 view bar that evening. It was gorgeous. We watched the sun go down (very quickly) then stayed for a drink and snacks.  After that we went to the dome where we got to go in the sauna and lay by the fire and chill out. 


Now it’s a travel day to the next island! 


Hello, my name is Paige Branting. I am 22 and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer from Spruce Grove, Alberta. I enjoy the outdoors, photography, puzzles and of course anything fitness related. I love travel and Thailand will be the sixth country I have been to (seven if you count Vatican City). I booked this trip because my two best friends texted me one day saying “let’s go to Thailand”. I had been working out and getting in shape (lost 55 pounds by the way) and I thought this would be a great reward for all my hard work! 

I can’t wait to share this adventure with you all! 

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