Thaiventure Tour Part One: Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

Thaiventure Tour Part One: Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

Being the final crew to arrive in Bangkok on the Wednesday (wheels touching the ground at 11:50 pm), my two friends, Krystal, Tye, and I unfortunately didn’t take to much of an advantage of the Bangkok night life.

However we did quickly realize people drive on the other side of the car and any and all lanes of the road. But nobody hits each other, they just all seamlessly get to where they’re going as fast as they can, and somehow they make it work. And also, 1 am on a Thursday has a more exciting nightlife than even Halloween or New Years in Edmonton. 


Being from Edmonton, we also noticed the lack of pot holes and extreme humidity. Definitely worked up a sweat walking out to the car. 

Once we got to the hotel Tye was given a room with a complete stranger named Devon. Upon meeting him, we found out he was also from Edmonton and was traveling alone. So we quickly adopted him to our little trio. 

We didn’t get to sleep until around 3 am. But in the four hours I got I definitely made up for being up since 6 am on Tuesday. So around 7 am Krystal and I woke up, reorganized our bags so they were ready for the day and went to the 7 Eleven to grab coffee and water. One iced coffee later and I was ready to roll! I also consumed about 6 Liters of water in the first day, I’m pretty sure any and all toxins in my body are no longer there. 

Once we were done at the 7-eleven, the four of us went out for breakfast. Krystal got steamed rice and a strawberry daiquiri that was stacked like a soft serve ice cream cone in the glass, Tye got stir fry and a Pina colada, and Devon got Pad Thai with a mojito. I had bananas and watermelon for breakfast along with another iced coffee because, well, my digestive system has enough issues with Canadian food so I figured I would ease into trying new things. 


After we checked out of our rooms (which were adorable by the way, when the sheets SMELL like laundry detergent, you know you’re in a good place), we all met for an orientation meeting and a fruit tasting. My favorite was the dragon fruit for sure. There was one that was pink with green hairs coming out of it that you had to peel and not like an orange, I couldn’t get it to open I needed help. So many cool names for all of them and so many different tastes I had never tried, it was quite the experience. 

So during the fruit tasting we met Matty, Rong and Brady. Brady explained to us his vision with Life Before Work and how he wants it to grow from being just a party trip to becoming something that will allow you to grow as a person. And I loved that! I’m all for personal growth, new experiences and meeting new people. We did a few exercises with people we didn’t know and it was cool to open up to complete strangers, because they don’t know who you were yesterday, they just are hearing what you’re telling them and how you act right then and there. 

We then went for a “15 minute” walk that ended up being the half hour scenic route to the Wat Pho Temple. It was a sweaty walk but one of those walks that once you cool off you feel really good after. Being a personal trainer, I’m loving the sweaty cardio. 


Our host Annie was hilarious and even though there was a slight language barrier she did a wonderful job explaining the temple to us and showing us the culture. The colors and the sparkle in the structures were amazing! You don’t see that kind of stuff back in Canada. She made sure to ask us individually as well if we had any more questions which I really appreciated because we’re a fairly big group, and she made sure we all were leaving with something from the experience. 

We took tuk tuks back to the hotel afterwards, coolest experience of my life. Mix the insane driving skills without the confinement of a car, it was nuts. Got a nice breeze, feared for our lives a bit, it was incredible! Once we got back to the hotel we had an hour to put on dry clothes, grab a bite to eat and get ready for the boat ride to the night market later. 

We did some shopping and went to a restaurant down the road and Tye and Krystal got some cocktails, spring rolls and fried rice. I got a fruit smoothie and an eggs Benedict. It was delicious, the sauce was almost flavoured like devilled eggs! 

We walked over to the boat ride that was a much shorter walk than the earlier one, and we got on the boat to the night market. The boat is the best way to see all of Bangkok in a day, you get to see the contrast between the gorgeous new towers and the old shack like homes of families who refused to leave their homes for new developments. The colors and architecture was amazing, thankfully I remembered my Go Pro for the boat because I got some incredible videos. 


The boat is almost like a LRT bus, it makes stops at different docks and people get on, people get off, which is such a better form of transportation than driving. If I lived in Bangkok I would be boating everywhere because I do not possess the finesse required to drive here!

The night market was very similar to Venice, in the sense that the main way to get there seems to be by water. It was so busy and full of life, we did some shopping and checked out restaurants and the rides. Then the power went out and cut our evening short, but that meant we had a little more down time before the 8 hour bus ride that night and no one was against that! So we got in groups of 4, at least one male per group, and cabbed back to the hotel.

The different currency really throws you off. Our cab ride was 115 baht but I keep thinking of it as dollars still and that seems insane, but in Canadian that’s basically $4 between 4 people. 

At the stores they bargain really well too! I was looking at a bikini, the girl said 600, while I was doing the math in my head she says “for you, 500” like that is a steal! $20 CAD for a two piece bikini; pretty sure even Wal Mart charges $15 a piece. 

We’re now on the bus to Koh Tao, about 7 hours in. We all were able to sleep so everyone should be good to go when we get to the beach around lunch time. These full days really make it easy to sleep anywhere, I’m excited to try paddle boarding tomorrow. 


Hello, my name is Paige Branting. I am 22 and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer from Spruce Grove, Alberta. I enjoy the outdoors, photography, puzzles and of course anything fitness related. I love travel and Thailand will be the sixth country I have been to (seven if you count Vatican City). I booked this trip because my two best friends texted me one day saying “let’s go to Thailand”. I had been working out and getting in shape (lost 55 pounds by the way) and I thought this would be a great reward for all my hard work! 

I can’t wait to share this adventure with you all! 

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