Maybe it’s bungee jumping in the jungles of South America that’s got you all fired up? Or is it the thought of intrepid hikes to ancient Incan ruins in the Andes? Perhaps it’s the promise of hidden surf spots in the Indonesian Nusa Tenggara, endless parties on the full moon-floodlit beaches of Thailand, scrambles up Nica’s volcanic hills, or slides down Vietnam’s sandy dunes? Maybe its days spent under the Slavic sun hopping the plunge pools of Croatian waterfalls? Maybe it’s the vast Atacama and the hidden pueblo towns within? Maybe it’s Bali’s mysterious monkey forests or the green, green hills of Ubud? Maybe it’s all of the above…

No matter what adventure travel pursuit has got your wanderlust a-tingling this time around, be sure to check out this guide to the top adventure travel tours on the LBW roster. Oh, and prepare to push those peregrinations to the limit!

Rockin’ Rica

Rockin’ Rica is the numero uno adventure travel option we have open in Central America’s adventure kingpin: Costa Rica. From brooding, smoke-spurting volcanos in La Fortuna to mist-topped, sloth-spattered jungles in Monteverde, the itinerary checks off some of the most legendary outdoorsy jewels in the Americas. You’ll need hiking boots of course – if only to make it to the ziplines in the canopies above Santa Elena, nestled amidst the wild fringes of the Eternal Rain Forest. You’ll need your swimming stuff too – waterfalls abound on the Rio Celeste and Fortuna. Oh yep, and additional experiences include jungle-shrouded bungee dives, ATV safaris, whitewater rafting, night hikes in volcanic valleys – the list goes on!


Panamania means nine sun-drenched nights of fun and bona fide adventure travel! Just think: the hill town of Boquete to kick things off – a land surrounded by coffee-scented, cocoa-topped hills and ringed by the roaring rapids of the Caldera River (expect gorging and trekking, rafting and jaguar spotting!). Next up is Bocas Del Toro: a blast of the Caribbean and a surfing town extraordinaire! And finally comes Puerto Viejo across in Costa Rica to the north, where swinging hammocks and beach huts and Carib vibes are at the ready to sooth those stressed-out backpacker bones.

Naturally Nica

Nica may not have the same adventure travel rep that’s enjoyed by Costa Rica, but boy does it deserve it! There’s nothing amiss here for the budding outdoorsy type, with those looming volcanos towering over the whitewashed pueblo cottages of UNESCO-attested Granada just one of the sights you’ll see after landing. Add to that the white-capped rollers at San Juan Del Sur and you’ve got yourself one action-packed six days on the Pacific with our Naturally Nica option, complete with fishing safaris and surfing jaunts to empty reef breaks, with catamaran rides and mountain treks.


A relatively new addition to LBW’s boundary-breaking line-up of adventure travel itineraries, IslandLife is your opportunity to go full Tom Hanks circa 2000. We’re talking empty beaches and swaying coconut palm jungles, with only the sounds of the lapping ocean waves and the chirps of resplendent quetzals somewhere in the distance to keep you company. Yep, this one’s the perfect adventure travel option for those of the Castaway come Robinson Crusoe sort; those who enjoy pitching tents on untrodden sands; who like waking up ruffled but raring to; those who don’t mind doing their business in the rainforest – okay, you get the idea!

Treasures of Thailand

Ah, Thailand: home to peanut-soaked, prawn-topped noodle dishes, the bucket cocktail and some of the most photographed beaches on the planet. With the rise in visitor numbers here in the last couple of decades, you could be forgiven for thinking that real adventure travel opportunities are few and far between in the Land of Smiles. But think again and you’ll find yourself weaving between the needle-like rocks of Railay on the Andaman coast in no time. You’ll be dangling from a harness over the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean. You’ll be soothing hiker’s muscles in hot springs between the tribe-inhabited woods of Pai. You’ll be tubing down elephant-peppered rivers, hopping between the pools of the Erawan Falls, or getting that PADI sorted in Koh Tao. Treasures of Thailand covers all that and more!

YachtLife Croatia

Nothing says ‘adventure travel’ like the open ocean and a bobbing boat. Over an action-packed eight days on the seas, guests on our YachtLife Croatia tour will explore the rugged coves and coastal spots that abound between the mountains of Dalmatia and the much-loved islands of Hvar and Brac. Along the way, you’ll be diving overboard and wild swimming in hidden lagoons. You’ll be scrambling your way to the tips of Biokovo (the highest point on the Adriatic coast). You’ll be sailing in and out of sleepy Byzantine fishing towns, gawping up at their marble-dressed clock towers. You’ll be partying the nights away under the open stars, snorkelling where no snorkel has gone before and sampling wines so sweet only a salty Croat börek will do to balance it out!

Wonders of Peru

A mega 21 days from start to finish, our Wonders of Peru itinerary is a fine way to get a feeling for the many sides of this enthralling, fascinating and magical South American destination. That includes its adventure side, with adventure travel opportunities like dune buggying in Huacachina (a tiny oasis town that’s nestled deep in the shifting sands in one of the world’s driest spots) or gawping up at El Misti – the snow-tipped volcano that towers over the town of Arequipa. However, real adventurers will love two aspects of Wonders the most: Iquitos and The Incan Trail. We hit the first by air, landing in the far-flung reaches of north-eastern Peru, where the great green of the Amazon Rainforest begins in earnest. That means river cruises to see dolphins and caimans, cultural encounters with indigenous tribes, schools of piranhas and more. And The Incan Trail? Well that one really speaks for itself!

Vietnam Explorer

In a land of floating markets and jungle-dressed karst mountains, where scooters purr endlessly through the neon-lit city streets and sweeping dashes of jungle give way to a coastline of rugged cliffs and sparkling sands, our Vietnam Explorer itinerary does exactly what it says on the tin. Travellers work their way from north to south over the course of 19 days, flitting from the misty hills of Sa Pa and the endless rice paddies, tribal villages and trekking trails that abound there to the bucket list wonders of Halong Bay. After a few stop-offs in cities like Hoi An (complete with charming French colonial houses and some fine noodle dishes) and Nha Trang (party valves at the ready!), you’ll hit the Vientamese adventure travel capital of Dalat. Expect mountain vistas to rival the Rockies, abseiling, rock-climbing, hill trekking and more!

Indonesia Island Teaser

A short sharp burst of adventure travel for those not sure if they want to push those adrenaline glands to the max, our Indonesia Island Teaser passes over the uber-touristy (though nonetheless beautiful) reaches of Bali in favour of the less-trodden Lombok to the east. Home to vast swathes of rice paddy and coconut jungles, this island is much more rustic that its neighbour across the strait. It’s got picture-perfect sands at Senggigi, roaring surf swells over the reefs of Kuta in the south, and even its very own steaming volcano - Mount Rinjani (which you can opt to climb if you hang around a little longer!). However, it’s to the beach-fringed Gili Islands that we go. This SCUBA mecca seems almost custom built for the divers and free divers, the surfers and the paddle boarders, the turtle seekers and beachcombers!

Still in need of more adventure travel? Why not consider linking some of LBW’s trips together to make one master itinerary. We’ve got oodles of options over on our itinerary pages. Just imagine: Bali, Thailand, Nam’, Nica et al, all on the same trip!



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