How To Make The Most Of Your Time In Vietnam

Traveling to far-away places can be tricky! You may not speak the language, the time zone change can be challenging, and you may not necessarily know the best way to create a “plan of attack” when seeing the sights. Not to mention, when you tell people where you’re going, you’ll be bombarded with dozens of different suggestions and you won’t know where to start! When you choose to explore Vietnam with LBW, rest assured that you’ll be led on the trip of a lifetime, with all of the insider knowledge!

To begin, you’ll be on a long-haul flight, so it’s incredibly important to get some rest and to stay hydrated! You don’t want to waste too much time being even more tired and jet-lagged than you have to be! Munch on a couple of healthy snacks and if possible, stretch a couple of times throughout the flight. You’ll be glad you did!


Once you’ve landed it’s a good idea to take a little rest. Wherever you’re staying you’ll want to be sure that the lodging you select is reputable, clean and safe. Luckily, when you travel with Life Before Work, all accommodation is tried and tested to ensure your getting the best of the best. Lodging is always centrally located and getting too and from sites is super easy with transportation arranged long before your arrival. All you have to do is be ready to go in the morning!


If you took a poll of people and asked them what their favorite part of traveling is, our money would be on most of them saying ‘food’. From the minute you land, you will be treated to all of the culinary treasures Vietnam has to offer. Do you love Pho? Get ready for the most authentic Pho you’ve ever had. Do fresh spring rolls have a way of satisfying your crunch craving? You’ll walk away from this trip armed with the skills you need to make your own authentic spring rolls at home!


Moving forward, you’ll have the opportunity to take in the panoramic views of a rice paddy. By now we’re all pretty familiar with their bejewelled green landscapes. When we embark on our two-day trek through the mountain rice fields, you’ll be able to see it with your own two eyes. Stay in the local village and if you’re there at just the right time, you may even be able to pitch in with the harvest!


In between sight-seeing and meals, you will have the opportunity to bolster your history knowledge with a few trips to museums. Full disclosure this is the part of the trip your dad is going to be most jealous of, so pay attention and take notes because he’s going to have a lot of questions! We particularly like the War museum, which offers a multitude of perspectives that detail the tragedies of the Vietnam War. It’s a very honest and sobering experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

At a certain point in the trip, you may be in search of some R&R and we’ve got you covered! Take a dip in the geothermically heated mud baths and leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the walk through the Chu Chi tunnels! The small, underground tunnels were used primarily during times of war to relay messages, transport supplies and was also used as a safe hiding place. Walk in the shoes of the people who first traveled through these tunnels and see how cramped it must have been!


By the end of the trip, of course, you’ll have met amazing people, and you’ll have absorbed so much culture, knowledge and experiences, without the stress of planning. You’ll be so surprised by how much pressure is taken off of you thanks to our fun and knowledgeable guides. All you have to do is come with an open mind and get ready to be blown away!


We believe that travel is not a reward for working, but the most valuable and impactful form of education for life. We aren’t just a travel company; we were built to introduce you to the rest of the world. LBW Travel is about more than taking vacation time. We connect you with people and offer experiences that will change the way you look at your world. Travel reminds us what is truly important: family, friendship, love, exploration and adventure.

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