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Detoxing while traveling: 5 foods to go with YogaLife

So you’ve opted for the YogaLife – LBW’s two-week blowout of flexing and free living in the Land of Smiles - and are wondering what foods you can gobble down to supplement the healthy lifestyle? You’ve come to the right place! Check out this selection of five vitamin-packed, mineral-rich health staples that should help send the detox into overdrive and get the yoga up to Krishnamacharya’s standards (maybe).

The YogaLife in Krabi

This YogaLife, we are taking you across Southeast Asia to the ever so beautiful Thailand, otherwise known as the Land of Smiles. As much as we want you to experience and engage in the daily Yoga practices, we also want you to adventure across two of the best locations Thailand has to offer - Koh Phi Phi and Krabi.