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Scaling Machu Picchu: One For The Bucket List

Scaling Machu Picchu has got to be up there close to the top of thousands of bucket lists. What, after all, could be more enticing than a lost ancient city in the clouds? Built around the middle of the 15th century as a heavenly home for the mighty Incan emperor Pachacuti, it was quickly abandoned when the Spanish came with their conquistadores to the rugged highlands of Peru. Rediscovered again in 1911, it drew the attention of explorers and intrepid types the world over. It still does…

Adventuring Cusco

Cusco is one one the places in Peru that has absolutely everything. Bungee jumping, river rafting, chocolate classes, historical tours, hiking, biking... you name it and it's there.  And let's not forget Machu Picchu! Cusco is a dream come true for thrill seekers, adventure lovers, history buffs and foodies alike. Luckily we had lots of time to spend exploring.

Arequipa & Beyond

Arequipa is the third destination on the LBW Wonders of Peru tour. The city is second in population to Lima and is elevated approximately 2380 metres above sea level. Many of the buildings in The White City are built from white volcanic sillar stone, and three volcanoes tower over the city; Chachani, Pichu Pichu and El Misti. 

The Best Adventures in Peru

You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve heard the stories – now, it’s time to start the adventure of a lifetime. If you grew up craving the adrenaline-pumping journeys that you watched on movies such as Indiana Jones, then Peru may either already be on the top of your

How to Plan a Hike on the Inca Trail

A traveler’s ticket to the great Lost City of the Incas, the winding tracks of the Inca Trail now represent one of the most iconic hikes on the planet. Thousands of people every year come to wax up the walking boots and hit the ancient paths that were first laid by the mighty pre-Colombian empires of South America all those centuries ago. 

The Most Amazing Hikes in Peru

Ranging from the rugged canyons of Cotahuasi to the snow-topped heights of the Huayhuash, and imbued with bucket-list-busters like the iconic Inca Trail all the way to Machu Picchu, it's hardly a surprise that Peru is one of the world's hiking meccas.


Ah, Peru: A chart-topper in the history department thanks to its Sacred Valley, elegant colonial cityscapes and the bucket-list-busting Machu Picchu; a must-visit for its vibrant, Pisco sour-fueled nightlife; a great destination for beach lovers and culture buffs. What more could you want? How about some of the most biodiverse national parks on the globe? Why not…


One is in the east, the other is in the west. One speaks Portuguese, the other has Spanish and the ancient Quechuan tongue of the Incas. One hosts carnivals to rival any cultural festival on the planet, while the other touts the hidden historic remains of South America’s greatest ever empire. They both have beaches, and mountains, going from the sculpted Sugarloaf of Rio de Janeiro to the soaring snow-topped massifs of the mighty Andes, but differences abound. Yep, there’s no question that Peru and Brazil offer a glimpse at two sides of the South America coin. But which one should you travel to?


Perhaps you’re pining for a party under the full moon? Maybe you’re longing to case out the mysterious wonders of Latin America’s ancient peoples? Or, are you eager to check off the world’s longest rail journey, Europe’s greatest historical treasures, and Croatia’s party towns? Whatever your wanderlust has got you thinking this year, be sure to check out this selection of LBW’s top bucket list journeys. We don’t think it’ll disappoint!

5 Off­ the­ beaten ­track historical sites in Peru

Once you’ve checked off Machu Picchu from our bucket­list Wonders of Peru itinerary, and introduced you to the country, why not consider planning a trip to one of the nation’s lesser­ known historical treasures? They range from formidable fortress cities on the peaks of the Andes (some perhaps to even rival the fabled Lost City of the Incas) to more ancient ruins that range back long into South America’s pre­history. Check them out...

The Amazing Amazon

What an incredible start to this adventure! After spending a short half day in Lima, we headed out to the Amazon to get into the nitty gritty of the jungle. I have never been as hot, sweaty, or amazed all at the same time. The air had that muggy clean smell that you imagine rain forests would. It’s fresh and sweet all at the same time.

Top 10 Reasons Why Peru NEEDS to be on your Bucket List

Peru is a country full of so much character just waiting to be introduced to everyone! The dark jungles, furry lamas and infamous Inca Trail are only SOME of the astounding things that build a beautiful picture when thinking about visiting Peru. Blessed with attractions, activities and delicate culture, Peru wins when it comes to traveling across South America, and here are the TOP 10 reasons why you need to meet Peru! :)