Bali Discovery Tour Part Two: Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

Bali Discovery Tour Part Two: Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

Life has been so crazy these last few days, trying to find a moment to sit down and write has been somewhat low on my priority as I don't want to miss a single moment of this adventure...

After we left Kuta we drove to Ubud, where we spent the next three days. These past few days have been focusing on the cultural learning of Bali - something I find fascinating, so I've been in my element. 

We were first welcomed to learn about the culture of Bali at a rice plantation. We sat in a circle on small square cushions as we were given Bali snacks and coconut water. Both were so tasty! From there we had to cross a wide river to get to the rice field; this experience caused much laughter in our group. The river was about waste deep and 200-300 feet wide, and the currant was very strong. Two of the local men, one on each side of us holding our hands, helped us cross one at a time to the other side. Once all safe on the other side we watched as they explained how to get the rice field ready for planting and how to plant the rice. We had the opportunity to actually plow the field, walking ankle deep in thick soft mud behind two cows and semi sitting, semi squatting on a wooden plow, I couldn't stop smiling. 


After that we played cultural games in a mud pit, it was hilarious. Covered head to toe in mud, smile firmly planted on my face we went back to the main house for our cooking class, after a shower that is. My biggest challenge with that was remembering to use my right hand for everything. Being left handed this was a unique challenge. 

The next day we covered so many activities; jewelry shopping, art galleries, coffee plantation, water temple, monkey forest and a traditional lunch - which included cow brain (yes I tried it). I want to tell you just a few of my highlights from that day, as trying to cover everything would make this a very long post.

The coffee plantation - we were shown how the coffee was harvested, dried, roasted and ground. We were each given a turn to try their "grinding" technique. It's a long wooden post that you pound the beans with until they become a smooth powder, after only a few minutes into my turn I realized how thankful I am for my coffee grinder back home! 

We did a taste testing next, there were some amazing coffee and teas. I recommend their ginger Bali coffee. It was a nice mix of coffee and strong strong strong ginger, grant it if you don't like ginger stay away from this one. 


But my highlight, bucket moment came when we tried the Luwak coffee. If you didn't know what Luwak coffee is, it's one of the worlds most expensive coffees (as far as I know) and is made from the coffee bean pooped out by a cat.

You need to understand that coffee and I are the closest of friends, we are together every single day, and when I'm not with coffee I'm often thinking about or talking about coffee - the coffee plantation tour was one of the main reasons I signed up for this particular tour.


Anyways they set down the Luwak coffee cup in from of me. My hands shook slightly with the excitement of trying my first sip. I tilted the cup to my lips, the hot liquid touched my tongue, I was immediately transported to heaven.  The coffee flowed down my tongue into my mouth and I pondered the taste. It was so different from anything I had tried before. It was a rich smooth buttery texture. There was no bitterness to this coffee, no burnt after taste, simply a rich gift from the gods. I really can't describe the flavour, kind of earthy, kind of nutty, kind of... like nothing I had tried before. It was amazing! I was transported to a whole new realm. 

The water temple was also very amazing. Learning about the whole cleansing experience was wonderful. I fully enjoyed the whole process - it did make an impact on me. The water temple experience was very surreal and reverent, but after my Luwak coffee moment I didn't think anything else could come close to that experience.


I was wrong! Let me tell you my adventure in the monkey forest! 

I was walking through the forest, surrounded by monkeys (that's not an exaggeration at all, there were so many, big monkeys, baby monkeys, old men monkeys and middle size monkeys) one monkey randomly decided to jump into my shoulder. I was filled with excitement and a tiny bit of anticipation - not too sure what to do or expect. I asked someone to take my picture but all of a sudden a commotion started around me, a lady ran over to me, waving her arms saying the monkey had unzipped my backpack and was stealing my possessions! I wasn't sure what to do so instinctively I grabbed his tail to push him off - something you aren't supposed to do. The little guy decided he was done with me then and simply jumped down, my bug spray in hand and almost gleefully ran past me to inspect his winnings. 


I felt bad that he grabbed bug spray but also knew better then to try and get it back from him. My whole body was shaking from adrenaline at that point, I was so excited! I had just been robbed by a monkey! Thankfully I got photo proof or none would have believed my story! The monkey was very soft, his feet felt like little velvety pads on my shoulder and his tale was as soft as a kitten in my hand. It was thrilling! 

What a day! Ate cow brain, drank Luwak coffee and was mugged by a money! Could life get any better then this!? 

Today is a way more relaxed day compared to the wild adventures I've been having so far, I'm going to be getting a Balinese massage fairly soon, and just finished eating a smooth bowl full of all fresh and exotic fruits. This trip is amazing! So many memories, so many photos, so many items checked off my bucket list.


Hi, my name is Marissa. I'm 30 years old, live in Kelowna B.C Canada. I work for an online school in the accounts payable department.

I grew up in a little community and started traveling when I was young. I've traveled a fair amount with my family when I was a kid, then on my own as I was older. I am the middle child. I have an older sister, a younger brother and two amazing parents, and two of the worlds cutest nephews!

This is the first time I've ever traveled with a tour group and so far it's been an amazing experience, I highly recommend it.


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