Bali Discovery Tour Part Three: Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

Bali Discovery Tour Part Three: Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

The Inconvenience Of Travel: Today was unique, people were stressed, grumpy and annoyed... and I was in the middle of all of it smiling to myself enjoying everything that was going on.

I'll explain. We woke at 6am to catch the van that would take us to the boat for Gili T. We were late to leave the hotel, then we stood on the side of the road for an hour waiting for the van, which was also late to arrive.

Finally we were on our way to the boat. When we arrived at the ocean after a few minutes of sitting there, we grabbed our backpacks and went to the lineup... this is where it got really interesting. The sun was out in full force for the first time in days. It was beating down on our bodies, covering us from head to toe in sweat in a matter of moments. There we stood, huddled together with thousands of other people - realistically it was probably five hundred people but with the line ups, the beating sun, and our backpacks it felt like many more people. 

We stood for at least half an hour before we moved... a few feet. Then stood again. This repeated for a few hours. I'm not actually convinced we were covering any grounds as much as we were all just walking closer together trying to reach the front. The whole process to get into the boat took three hours. Apparently this isn't normal but the waves were too big on the ocean so most of the boats were shut down and they were only making one run over to the ocean. 


Petty (our guide) was so stressed out on the two hour boat ride. We arrived at 1:13pm. As we needed to be on the party boat by 2pm things were tight. We waited for our luggage to be thrown off the boat to the beach where we stood then rushed to the hotel, we were here for maybe 45 seconds to spare, we rushed back to the beach, got right onto the boat and onto the party boat...

Now reading all of this I'm sure you can sense the stress, the grumbles with everyone and you might be wondering why I was smiling the whole time. 

I love traveling "mess ups" the waiting, things not being in schedule, and things just not happening easily - it's perfect. It's a part of traveling. It's not back home, things don't always come with ease but it always works out in the end. What is meant to happen will happen. Life progresses whether it's in the time frame originally planned or a time frame completely out of our control. It's a freeing feeling to not have to be so concerned by plans or agendas, but to trust in the end that all things work. Travel is a great teacher.

Today I'm going scuba diving, others are snorkeling and paddle boarding. I'm off now to get ready.


Hi, my name is Marissa. I'm 30 years old, live in Kelowna B.C Canada. I work for an online school in the accounts payable department.

I grew up in a little community and started traveling when I was young. I've traveled a fair amount with my family when I was a kid, then on my own as I was older. I am the middle child. I have an older sister, a younger brother and two amazing parents, and two of the worlds cutest nephews!

This is the first time I've ever traveled with a tour group and so far it's been an amazing experience, I highly recommend it.


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