A Short And Sweet Story Of What It’s Like To Become Part Of The LBW Family

A Short And Sweet Story Of What It’s Like To Become Part Of The LBW Family

Two days ago I woke up in Costa Rica, ready to start the tour. I’ve been on one LBW tour before, and the group I was with felt like my family from day one and so I was unsure if it would be the same for this trip.

Honestly it felt like I was cheating on my old LBW family with a shiny new one! Going downstairs to meet the group, nerves started to settle in, worrying that we wouldn’t click. We all hopped in the shuttle and immediately started getting to know each other. It’s so hard to explain, but LBW is like magic. You meet your group, and coming from an introvert, you turn into an extrovert almost immediately, and it doesn’t feel forced. Everyone is accepting, and non judgemental. All of a sudden, these six strangers that you’re stuffed in a hot transfer van with become some of your best friends in just over an hour. And that hot van transfer, becomes a memory that you will never forget.


On our one hour ride to Tamarindo, we all knew embarrassing personal things about each other, shared our embarrassing tattoos and already had nicknames for everyone. Today, we have all been together for two days, and I feel like we’ve known each other for weeks. Sharing a room with three other girls isn’t uncomfortable, it’s like sharing a room with your sisters. Two days in, and I don’t even want to think about the day we are all going to have to say goodbye.

Having a large group of friends to travel with makes some of the best memories and best travel stories I’ve ever had and I HIGHLY recommend LBW. Thank you LBW for bringing us all together and making us family! Here’s to the nights that become mornings, with the friends that turned into family.

-Morgan <3


Buenas dias!

My name is Morgan. I’m from Edmonton Alberta, Canada. I’ve taken two tours with LBW and will 100% be signing up for another in the near future. About me, I have two chihuahuas, a couple of frogs and a cat. Crazy animal house I know. Back home when I’m not travelling (and sometimes while I am travelling) I teach pole dancing for a living! I got into teaching after being a student for two years. I also work an office job but it’s not as much fun to talk about or do. Mucho gusto, and hopefully you enjoy reading my blog!

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