A Fine Balance

A Fine Balance

Work, School, Weekend, Repeat. 


We all know life can get busy & trying to properly balance your lifestyle can be extremely overwhelming; however, maintaining a proper symmetry in your life is particularly important in order for you to discover happiness and fulfillment. The YogaLife Team has put together some tips for creating a proper balance to make your soul happy: 

(1) DO >YOU<

Take time to do what makes you happy. Life is busy, and it always will be. But in order for you to recharge and see things clearly, it is important to take some time for yourself to do something that you enjoy. Prioritise activities that make your soul happy: go for a walk, meet a friend for a coffee, get to that yoga class. Time invested in yourself will always pay dividends.


If you are able to de-stress, you are able to be happy, and this will give you a better outlook on life. Once you are able to allow yourself the “me-time” you deserve, you can slowly begin to start living a stress-free (or at least a stressed-less) lifestyle. Give yourself time every day to savour the moment and enjoy an extra minute for yourself. Learn how to enjoy your food, instead of just eating when you can. Start devoting some time to a hobby. Make those dreadfully boring routine things in life more fun, like getting ready in the morning or making dinner. Most importantly, don’t forget to smile, be grateful and remember to laugh. It’s the simplest form of medicine. 


Getting a good dose of exercise each day releases a splendid dose of endorphins that make you feel oh-so-good. It may seem like a chore at first, but once you are able to exercise regularly, it easily becomes part of your lifestyle. Whether, it’s going for a walk to get some fresh air, going to the gym, or enjoying a blissful yoga sesh, exercising everyday will get you that much closer to restoring balance in your beautiful life. 


Having a healthy diet will nourish you from the inside, out! Eating right can keep your body healthy, will give you good energy, and will boost your spirits. Eat whole foods to get the most out of it, but don’t restrict yourself, balance applies to the foods you eat too! There are creative ways to eat healthy, and to try new foods, and if you are running out of some ideas - check the internet! There are plenty of amazing, quick, and healthy recipes out there. 

These are just some tips to help with the balance in your life. If you find it difficult to accomplish, then let the YogaLife Team lend you hand and join us on a 14-day trip. Life Before Work’s YogaLife Tour is the definition of balance. Not only do we focus on these aspects previously discussed, but we give you the chance to truly find yourself, to explore yourself through yoga and through travel. There is nothing more freeing than the ability to explore your inner and outer worlds, while making memories that will last a lifetime.

YogaLife is a great place to start. We have designed this tour with balance in mind. Not only will you get the chance to explore the beautiful country of Thailand, you will also learn more about yourself, and make memories to last a lifetime. You will get the chance to relax, exercise and eat home cooked Thai meals, and most importantly, find yourself. We have a whirlwind of adventure and bliss planned from start to finish and we want to share the journey with YOU. 

Come live the YogaLife and find yourself immersed in local culture, and honour the land by exploring and adventuring though its waters, forests, and natural phenomena. Experience the transformation of Thailand’s contrast between day and nightlife, and relax on the beach under the sun and dance the night away by the moon. 

Make the change. Find your balance. Be your truest self.


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