8 Things You've Done If You're A Serious Traveller

8 Things You've Done If You're A Serious Traveller

Travelling brings joy to a part of our souls no other thrill can. Getting lost in old cities, catching barrels on ancient waves, and sipping tea with monks inspires us and opens our minds to indescribable possibilities. Along the way we’ve gotten lost, made some mistakes, and discovered new adventures in serendipitous ways. Here are 8 words of wisdom from some serious travellers...

Missed a flight

Sometimes accidental, sometimes intentional, travellers have missed their fair share of flights. We often just can’t bring ourselves to dig out our passports, put away our flip flops and leave the beach. The toñas of Nicaragua and the tacos in Costa Rica are too good to leave behind!


You’ve mastered the carry on

Not every travel adventure needs to be an extended backpacking trip, sometimes we can only escape for a week. We cherish our times abroad, you better believe we are going to make the most of it! No chances can be taken, and that includes fitting everything you need for your week on the beach into your carry on. Yes, we’ve managed to put sunscreen, sandals, and even leave room for some duty free rum for the ride home.


You have an iron stomach

Leave no food cart unturned! Our rule of thumb is eat where the locals do. And although the bbq chicken could be questionable, and we’re not sure how that spice will agree with us, we dig in. Beautiful restaurants with traditional american food will be there when we get home. We want good vibes, good music, and flavourful food so we look for the most local spots. There’s nothing better than fresh fish and a local reggae band at a small beach bar that no one has heard of. Those are our favourite food adventures.


You never leave home without your trusty water bottle

The active explorer needs sustenance, especially while travelling to hot places. We sweat our weight while climbing volcanos or ziplining through jungles. Constantly buying water bottles can get expensive and is harmful to the environment, we prefer to bring along our trusty refillable water bottle. Great for saving some dough, time, and our sweaty butts mid walk up to a beautiful waterfall.


You don’t carry a map

We’ve all seen them, the tourist with the big hat and the bigger map asking for directions. Our travelling has become more tech savy, learning to plug in a sim card in every country and do it digitally! There’s nothing better than having facebook or instagram tell you where to get the cheapest deal on drinks, how to get there, and where to go next. It’s our favourite way to travel, second only to asking a local!


Navigating public transport isn’t intimidating

The chicken busses of central america get their name honestly. Packed with locals, confusing routes, vendors coming on and off, the chicken bus isn’t for the faint of heart! However, after a few mishaps we have the local transport dialed. Getting on and off flows smoothly, and we don’t mind much sharing our seat with a few literal chickens. Hasta Luego!


You’ve swapped what’s fashionable for what’s functional

We’ve all made the mistake of wearing a cute bikini surfing, or rocking some flip flops up a mountain. Nothing like a 40 minute walk uphill to change our tune. These days we go for a bikini that won’t move when your tossed over a barrel, and rock our trusty kicks while volcano boarding. We’re as extreme as our sports, and there’s no way something fashionable is going to hold us back from enjoying that view or catching that barrel!

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Your souvenirs are something money can’t buy

Those traditional tours always make time to bring tourists by those classic cabanas with keychains, wallets, and hats that say which country they bought them in. We prefer to bring back big smiles, tanned faces, and some amazing memories. We’re more concerned with drinking every last sip of that beer on the beach, laughing as hard as we can with our hostel mates, and watching that sun sink into the ocean. Travelling to us isn’t an opportunity to buy more of the same, but leave feeling completely different. Salud amigos!

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From lost luggage tricks to technology must-haves, we'd love to hear about any other tips you can think of to put on this list. Or, feel free to check out the various awesome tours LBW Travel has on offer for the budding globetrotter this year…

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