8 Reasons We Love a Party Cruise

8 Reasons We Love a Party Cruise

From the salt-washed fishing towns of the Greek Aegean to the pearly-white pebble beaches of Croatian Dalmatia and the yacht-spotted harbors of Turkey, we at LBW have been sailing the European seas for years.

On our travels, we've spotted 15th-century crusader castles, done some serious sunbathing, snorkeled with schools of fish and tasted the freshest Mediterranean seafood you can imagine. But that's just half of the YachtLife experience. There's also the raucous parties and nighttime blowouts to end all blowouts. To put it into words, here are just 8 reasons why we simply love a party cruise.

1.   Because you can go anywhere you want, when you want

Whether you're eager to drift into an empty bay between the rugged peaks of the Bikovo Mountain in Dalmatia, drift across the Adriatic swells to a stone-clad fishing town for a spot of breakfast in the harbor or seek out your private little cove along the Turquoise Coast of the sun-splashed Turkish Riviera, traveling by boat means you can do it no problem. And on a party cruise, the freedom of being on the open seas is doubly good. Fancy a couple of pre-drinks before hitting the best bars of Bodrum? No problem. Want to get the crew and fellow boaters out for a night of al fresco dancing in some hidden inlet? Done. It's all just a case of sails up and anchors aweigh…


2.   The private deck parties are the best ever

Our deck parties are pretty much a nightly routine. On our YachtLife Croatia, YachtLife Greece and YachtLife Med tours, you'll be hitting the timbers and dancing to the European sunset every day of the trip – or at least on the ones when you aren't doing the same on dry land when we've docked up. And boy what parties they are! Our in-house (read in-yacht) DJs spin EDM and classics from the early hours. There's fancy dress to put any Mardi Gras to shame. There's oodles of Croatian rakija and frothy Balkan beers. There are all-night dance sessions that merge with morning swims under the sunrise. Yep, they are just the best summertime parties ever.

3.   You can be whoever you want

Got the urge to don your pirate costume? Feel like cracking out the Smurf outfit? Fancy dressing up as a penguin for a bout of nighttime drinking on board? Well go ahead! In fact, expressing yourself in dress is not only accepted on our YachtLife trips, it's actively encouraged. From white parties to animal-themed shindigs, we've planned a whole host of different soirees with a theme for those who enjoy a bit of dress up. And hey, we won't mind if you mix things up a little with your own fancy dress ideas either. It's pretty much anything goes when we're partying on our own private deck!

4.   Hangover? What hangover?

Feeling bad the morning after the night before isn't something we're too used to in the YachtLife. There's sure to be the odd rakija haze or beer-induced headache for sure. But when there's that scorching Mediterranean sun, oodles of great seafood and uber-fresh orange juice waiting for you the day after, not to mention your own designated lazing space and plenty of recliners to snooze on up on deck, it's fair to say those hangovers come and go pretty quickly on these party cruises! Roll on the next party…

5.   We fuse history with culture with partying

Question: When is a party cruise not a party cruise? When it's got everything from medieval castles on the Turkish coast to crumbling ancient ruins dating from the heroic ages of Greece. That's when! Of course, we do a hefty amount of raucous nights and wild dance sessions on our YachtLife trips (they are pretty much every evening), but we also don't want to miss out on the cultural and historical treats of the destinations we visit either. That means museums and Roman towns in Dalmatia; it means Venetian relics in the Greek Aegean; it means bubbling hot springs in Turkey – the list goes on!


6.   Because there are new mates guaranteed

The YachtLife philosophy isn't just about traveling, seeing things, and having the best summer you're likely ever going to have (although we admittedly do that pretty darn well!). it's also about meeting new people from all over the globe. That's made easy by our big groups of up to 40 travelers, who come from the four corners with the same happy-go-lucky mindset, ready to explore and have a good time. The situ is only bolstered by our forever-smiling LBW staff, who keep the beers ticking over and the tunes spinning for the whole time you're on board. Woohoo!

7.   The scenery

Forget the dark and dank insides of a club, or the stuffy underground dance halls you might be used to back home, because the YachtLife has no such thing. On this party cruise you'll enjoy a backdrop of rugged Croatian mountains, the craggy summits of the Dinaric Alps, the beautiful scrub-dressed hills of the Aegean Islands, the shimmering blues of the Turquoise Coast (the name's no accident!), the whitewashed villages of Santorini – the list goes on. Yep, there's rarely a dull thing to look at during parties on the YachtLife!

8.   For the extra partying opportunities

As much as you're going to love letting loose and dancing the night away on deck, and lazing off the hangovers the day after under the Adriatic sun, it would also be a shame to ignore the extra partying opportunities afforded by our awesome YachtLife tours. We're talking about the mega festival of Ultra Europe that erupts in a medley of EDM and house along the beaches of Split each year. We're talking about the cork-popping chichi bars of Hvar. We're talking about wild Bodrum Bar Street and the endless strips of Mykonos is Greece. All of that and more is on the line-up for our travellers.

Are you a veteran of the LBW YachtLife? Can you think of any more top reasons why we simply love a party cruise? We'd love to hear about them in the comments below. Or, if this list has tickled your wanderlust and got you thinking about hitting the Med with us for a party this year, be sure to check out our YachtLife tours.

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