From catching the rays on the deck of a fully-loaded yacht and swimming in the crystal clear ocean, to enjoying perfect fresh seafood and taking in awesome historical sights no one else can discover, sailing holidays reveal a whole load of treats and experiences that conventional travel through Europe can only dream of.

1. You might just end up feeling healthier than if you travelled on land

It might not seem like a week of partying away under the Mediterranean starlight is the best cocktail (no pun intended) for detoxing and health, but you might just be pleasantly surprised by just how many benefits are associated with getting out on the open ocean.

For starters, a yachting holiday is an active holiday. On Life Before Work's YachtLife tours we're forever going for dives in the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic and Mediterranean Oceans, and exploring the trekking trails that weave over hidden islands. Then there's the fabled healing and health benefits of the sea itself. This comes under the umbrella of so-called Thalassotherapy; an ancient school of medicine that uses the natural salts of the ocean to exfoliate and energize the body. No wonder it was the Greeks who invented it!

2. Fresh fish, fresh fish and more fresh fish


From Red Snappers to Swordfish, French Moules to juicy squid salads, the seafood loving traveller will feel right at home on the waves of Europe. The Mediterranean and the Adriatic are top seas to travel if you're hungry to sample to the salty treats of the continent, with earthy taverns and bistros dotting the coves of the Aegean islands, the Italian boot, and more.

Whether you choose YachtLife Greece or YachtLife Croatia, you'll have plenty of chances to sample grilled sardines and fresh mackerel. You'll get the opportunity to delve into folksy konobas (Croatian taverns) along the Dalmatian coast, where sizzling pilchards pop on the grills and tangy sardines dress the pizzas. You'll be able to flit between the stylish seafood bistros of Mykonos, sipping cocktails and cracking blood-red lobster with your new mates. Mouth a-watering yet?

3. The scenery never gets boring

Sailing through the Mediterranean isn't like hitting the open ocean by boat. It’s a much more interesting affair than that! From the Aegean Sea to the Ionian Sea, islets dressed with whitewashed villages pop up here and there, always offering something new to enjoy.

Croatia is another breathtaking place that's definitely best seen from the water. With the huge mountain chain of the Dinaric Alps running all the way down the coast, there's no better panoramas of the rugged hills and peaks than those from the sea!

4. You can discover hidden historical treasures no one else can get to

Thanks to a rich history going back thousands of years, the Mediterranean Basin is now littered with more awesome ancient relics and fascinating fortresses than you can shake a half-empty bottle of Apulian white wine at. That's great news for any history buffs and culture vultures looking to delve into the past of the region!


Just take the Aegean Islands of Greece as a case in point (one of the uber-popular stops on YachtLife Greece). Here, the crumbling temples and great lion statues of Delos island beckon – they were once the epicentre of the Athenian Empire. Meanwhile, in Rhodes, there's the relics of one of the greatest sea powers in the ancient world! And that's not even mentioning the delights of the Turkish Riviera, where Saint Peter's Castle looms on the cliffs and it's possible to trace the footsteps of Alexander the Great himself.

5. You'll get to feel like a jet setter

"I'm just waiting for a bus"…said no jet setter, ever. Not that we're having a go at you shoestring land lubbers, but there is definitely something more stylish about taking to the seas on a private yacht than lumping it with a backpack across the tarmac road networks of Europe.


Granted, staying on dry land does mean you can head off to explore the mountains and northern cities that our sun-splashed yacht can't get to. Still, we really don't think you'll mind all that much once you've popped a cold one and are chilling in the Grecian sun. (Oh, and if you really want to explore some places inland, then you can opt to add a jaunt to the gushing Krka Falls in Croatia!)

6. You can swim whenever you want

There's nothing like immersing your body into refreshing water, especially during a scorching summer after a tan session. The ability to dive into the refreshing sea is a real treat for any traveller, compare that to 13 hours on a sweaty trail rattling down the rickety lines from Budapest to Zagreb!

On YachtLife, we tend to spend much of our time simply alternating between sun loungers and the aquamarine sea. I mean, why wouldn't you, if all you've got to do is roll over the side of the boat to feel the clear blue ocean on your skin?



7. There ain't no party like a YachtLife party

So, you've partied on land, you've partied on the ski slopes, you've partied in underground clubs, and partied on planes (come on, who hasn't cracked a few on a flight before?) Now all that's left to do is party on your own private boat! And we can promise you this – there really is nothing quite like it (especially when that shindig is with Life Before Work!)


We've got penguin onesie shindigs, white-parties, and even add-on tours to Ultra Croatia! It's one of the reasons we manage to make a seafaring odyssey one massive blowout from beginning to end. And guess what…you're invited too!

If you're a seasoned seafarer and can think of any other reasons why sailing holidays are the best way to see the European continent, then we'd love to hear about them in the comments below…Or, if you think it's time you hit the waters with LBW, check out YachtLife, guaranteed to be the best week of your entire summer!

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