5 Places You NEED To Do NYE This Year

5 Places You NEED To Do NYE This Year

Ninety-five and married, nineteen and single, twenty-eight with children, thirty and travelling - New Years Eve is the one day of the year every human is connected for a few moments. Whether your into culture, glam fiestas, or beaches with friends everyone celebrates NYE. You're not done yet - find the top 5 places you need to do NYE this year - lets make it a memorable one! 


Not often thought about as “party central,” bringing in the new year in Bali brings us a cultural experience not found anywhere else. In the heart of Depensar city is Puputan Badung Square. There you can find Bali’s biggest market and the Catur Muka, or the four faces statue. What makes this NYE spot special is the amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in an authentic Bali cultural experience! Check out the world class display of fireworks, and parades lead by religious leaders and local students!

Selamat tahun baru!



Known as the less touristy Costa Rica, Nicaragua throws one hell of a NYE party. During regular times of the year, the infamous Sunday Funday attracts crowds of 500-1000 people. During the holiday season, crowds reach up to 1500 backpackers! And that’s just what goes down on Sundays! If your looking for a cultural experience, you can check out the family friendly events at the local park. There’s vendors selling authentic food (pupusas, sweet corn, and helado) as well as an amazing array of lights and fireworks!

The numerous nightclubs in bars in San Juan Del Sur bring in world famous DJ’s, block off entire streets, and speakers loud enough to shake those flippy floppies!

Nicaragua NYE is definitely the place you want to be this year, if you can even get your hands on tickets! Most events are sold out, although you can scoop up some of the last ones here

Feliz año nuevo! 



Brazil is world renowned for its costumes and parties, and NYE is no exception! Bring your white clothes for the big night in Rio, although is isn’t mandatory you’ll look strange wearing anything but! As Brazil is home to the most beautiful people in the world, it’s recommended you wear accented undergarments to represent different things. Green for good health, yellow for wealth, red for romance and purple for inspiration! Head over to Copacabana beach for a party that goes all night, starting with dinner and ending with breakfast! What else could you ask for, beautiful fireworks, people, and beaches in Brazil!

Feliz ano novo!




Where else to be than the center of the fame universe, Vegas! You can stop at the eiffel tower and the pyramids of egypt all in one night! Dress like your a celebrity, and party with them too at any of the world famous clubs. Dress to impress, and save some cash because you’ll either gamble like your poor party like your rich!

Happy new year! 



Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok is always a great place to start for quality party scenes. But Thailand has so much more to offer! Chiang Mai’s latern festival is symbolic and moving. Each lantern holder lights a candle with their intentions for the new year, or intentions they need to let go while thousands of lanterns lights up the sky!

One of the most famous events in Thailand is the epic countdown on the infamous Koh Phangan beach! Don’t miss the chance to countdown the new year with 60,000 other travellers from all over the world. Neon paint, fire spinners, epic DJ’s, buckets, what more can you want for 2018? Get your tickets here

Sa was dee pee mai

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