12 Unforgettable Moments You'll Have While Traveling Central America With LBW

12 Unforgettable Moments You'll Have While Traveling Central America With LBW


Whether it's an encounter with a sluggish sloth or a glimpse at Costa Rica's smoking volcanos, the most perfect wave you've ever ridden or a party on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean, there promises to be plenty of unforgettable moments on our LBW travel tours through Central America. Check them out…

Encountering the Casco Viejo of Panama

Every country has that one neighborhood that's bound to enthral and enrapture. In Panama, it's the Casco Viejo of Panama City. Steeped in history and dating all the way back to 1519, it was once trodden by conquistadores and comes packed with eye-watering palaces and churches. As you wander the cobbled streets at the end of our Bocas Breeze tour, you'll be lost in centuries of colonial past and culture.

Building In Panama City

The Good Vibes of Island Life

Imagine a place with swaying coconut palms, water so clear you'll think that it's glass, sand so soft it feels like slippers, company so cool you'll never want to leave, and vibes so good you'll forget what bad vibes are. Welcome to the LBW Island Life: our all-new idea for the ultimate tropical getaway in Central America. You'll be deposited on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of Panama. There, it's all about partying and meditating, pulling yoga poses and being yourself. You'll love it!

IslandLife 2018

Meeting A Jaguar On The Caribbean

Our Caribbean Dream itinerary isn't just about lazing on white-sand beaches and swimming in warm waters off the Panamanian coast. It's also about meeting the unique array of local wildlife that's native to Central America. And that means jaguars! Yep, you'll have a chance to get up-close-and-personal with those elusive cats during a jaunt to a local sanctuary.

Jaguar, Panama

Hitting The Surf Of Santa Teresa

No matter if you’re a seasoned wave rider or a rookie of the swells, the surf town of Santa Teresa promises some of the top breaks in all of Central America. We hit it up on the second half of our Coasting Costa tour, and get things rolling with cocktails in the salt-washed Banana Beach Bar. There's board rentals everywhere, and you can either spend your days touring the mud spas and rainforests of the region, or simply riding the whitewash along the shore.

Learning to Surf

Witnessing Granada's Great Architecture

You won't have to look far in the handsome Nicaraguan town of Granada to see something that will blow your mind. Topped by one elegant yellow-hued cathedral and packed with filigreed arcades and buildings that look like they've just been plucked from southern Spain, it's truly one of the most beautiful towns in the whole region. You'll never forget the first time you see it!

Yellow Cathedral Granada

ATV Rides To The Beach On Bocas Del Toro

The moment we get you riding a rumbling ATV quad bike across the sandy dunes and dirt tracks of Bocas del Toro – an impossibly beautiful coastal region in northern Panama – we bet you'll never want to travel to the beach any other way. Skid and roar over the bumps to the hidden coves that pepper the Caribbean Sea here and you're sure to never forget the experience either.

Quad Biking In Bocas Del Toro

The New Year in Nica

We've been partying in San Juan del Sur on the turning of the New Year for some years now. People flock to our place on the edge of the ocean to enjoy wild pool parties on the 31st, and you're bound to never forget the moment you usher in the changing of the calendar with hundreds of other backpacking partiers overlooking the rolling waves and the golden-hued sands. 

Sunday Funday, Nicaragua

The Tico Welcome In Puerto Viejo

We simply couldn't resist adding the laid-back, bamboo-built surf town of Puerto Viejo to our Caribbean Dream itinerary. Yes, we have to make the hop across the border to Costa Rica to get there but it's totally worth it. The forever-smiling locals welcome us to their Rasta bars and beer shacks by night, help us surf on the local swells by day, and cook up feats of Carib come Central American food by evening. It's awesome.

Tasty Food

The First Time You Lay Eyes On Arenal Volcano

Mighty Arenal Volcano could be the most formidable sight we encounter in all of our LBW travels through Central America. Still active and surrounded by lush green rainforests, it's shaped like a perfect cone. We spend a couple of days wondering up at its sculpted outline on the horizon during our Costa Rica Explorer trip – between sessions of whitewater rafting, hiking and waterfall bathing that is!

Arenal Volcano

Yoga Mornings On The Beach

There's never a shortage of yoga mornings (and/or evenings) during our Naturally Nica tour, when you can find your inner peace and practice those tricky poses with help from our dedicated yogis. Even if you've never done yoga before, we bet you'll leave with a newfound love for the ancient art from the east!

Yoga on the Beach

Our Sunday Fundays In San Juan Del Sur

Unquestionably one of our favourite places to be in the whole wide world is San Juan del Sur. Located on the Pacific Ocean on the edge of Nicaragua, it's chilled and packed with loveable locals. There's also a cool boho vibe here that means it's simply the best place to start a Sunday Funday pool party. Hit our pad to join the evening and then go with your new travel pals to the samba-spouting beach bars along the shore nearby.

Sunday Funday

The Wildlife Of Monteverde

Up in the misty hills of central Costa Rica, where sloths creep through the canopies and resplendent quetzals command the skies, it's hardly a surprise that the wildlife is one of the main draws. We head here in the middle of our Best of Central odyssey to conquer the rainforest trails, do some wild ziplines and hit the creaking rope bridges.

Sloth Eating Leaf

If you're a veteran of LBW's travel tours through Central America and have some unforgettable moments to add to this list, we'd love to hear about them in the comments below. Or, if you're interested in exploring this bucket-list-busting, tropical corner of the globe, be sure to check out our tours page.

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