Whether it's waking up to the light bob of the Adriatic Sea or smashing down rakija shots on the deck of your own private yacht, there are plenty of moments you're sure to never forget on YachtLife Croatia with LBW. Here are just a few…

1.   The moment you greet everyone

It might not seem like it when you first say hi to all your new travel buddies between the marble-clad streets of historic Split, but these guys are going to be friends for life. Before you know it, you'll be telling stories, glugging cold Croatian beers, and sharing one of the best experiences of your life together. You're sure to recall that first moment you had together, if only later and laced with nostalgia.


2.   Waking up on the Adriatic for the first time

Waking up to the fresh salty smells and gentle sway of the Adriatic is not only great for nursing off the hangover ready for the next bout of partying at sea, it's also an experience in itself. As you stroll up to the top deck to hit the breakfast spread and grab a coffee, you'll be greeted with shimmering blue waters and the glowing Croatian sun. There's really nothing like it.

3.   Diving from the deck for the first time

On the YachtLife, we're firm believers that the sea isn't just there to be looked at. Not a chance. Throughout the trip, we'll be summersaulting and diving, belly bombing and backflipping into those warm European waters from morning until night, all straight from the side of our boat. The first time you do that is the first time you realize just how carefree and happy it can all make you feel. So, dive away folks!

4.   Partying all-night on the boat for the first time

Many first-timers on the YachtLife come for the sheer novelty of being able to let loose and party on the deck of their own private yacht. That might be because it seems like something that's reserved for the jet setters of this life. Not so in the minds of LBW, because we manage to make it happen all the time throughout our Croatian summer. Oh yea, and these blowouts really are as fun as they look – you'll simply never forget the first time you do it!

5.   That first beach party on the sands of Dalmatia

If there's one thing that makes the YachtLife so great, it's that the party never ends. Just as you thought it was time to kick-back with a book and sizzle off the hangover from the night before, our DJ strikes up a tune from the decks of a nearby beach bar, the locals join in, and the whole shebang starts again. Before you know it, the party is in full throttle a la Andrew WK, all on the hot sands of the Dalmatian Riviera itself. You can look forward to plenty of those!

6.   That first themed party

We don't just do parties onboard the SS Life Before Work, we also do themed parties. That means anything from penguin suits to all-white dress codes, all of which take place on the salt-washed deck of our own private yacht, and often spill out over the port sides and into the Croatian towns we shindig in along the way. Of course, anything goes, so it's no biggie if you fancy dressing up as Harry Potter, a Smurf, or a banana-head – it's all fair game!

7.   The awesome Ultra Music Festival

Ah, Ultra Music Festival: You've given us some wild nights. Cheers for the endless blowouts of Croatian beer and no-holes-barred dancing on the pebbles of Split. Cheers for all the new people you brought together in previous summers. Cheers for the wild EDM shows that got LBW crew and travellers partying until dawn. Yep, Ultra, we salute you and shall never forget! (Trips to the Ultra Festival are now available as an official add-on to the YachtLife.)

8.   The first time your eyes feast on the Dinaric Alps

Rugged, rocky peaks of dagger-like stone that crash through the very heart of Croatia, the Dinaric Alps are a true wonder to behold. On the YachtLife, they'll be with you the whole way. That could mean looming high above the pearl-blue waters of the Adriatic Sea as you swim wild in the swells. It could mean them lurching overhead as you glug cold beers on the Makarska Riviera. It could mean shimmering in light silver beneath the glowing stars of the European night. You'll never forget the first time you spot them.

9.   That time you hike the Krka Waterfalls

Another possible add-on trip that we've got on the menu for anyone who wants to keep on exploring the beauties of Croatia is this jaunt to the Krka Waterfalls. It promises a truly unforgettable experience, as you hike deep in the wooded valleys of one of the country's most iconic national parks, where crashing waterfalls are draped over the cliffs, people swim in the crystal-clear waters and mysterious Franciscan monasteries hide on pine-studded islands. It's really not one to miss!

Krka Waterfalls.jpg

10.  The first time you see the Adriatic isles

With their rugged hills and cascading vineyards, their eucalyptus groves and endless forests of spear-like pines; their shimmering white-stone bays and craggy cliffs; their empty coves and bobbing fishing skiffs, salt-washed hamlets and rustic farmhouses, there's really nowhere else quite like the gorgeous Adriatic islands. You're bound to remember just how handsome they looked the first time you saw them on the YachtLife.

11.  Saying goodbye

This. Never. Gets. Any. Easier. Mhm…Tears and frowns always abound on the last day of our trips. For those who've not opted for an addon to the YachtLife, to take them to the waterfalls of Krka or the party tents of Ultra Festival, this really is the end of the shipping lane. Thankfully, the gorgeous and bucket-list-busting city of Split awaits, where you're free to party the night away with any other pals who need those sorrows drowning!

If you're a veteran of the LBW YachtLife and have any other unforgettable moments to add to this list, we'd sure love to hear about them in the comments below. Or, if you think it's time you booked your place on the Croatian party ships of LBW, be sure to check out our available spaces now



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