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Memoirs Of Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most immersive and enthralling metropolises on Earth. It pulses with life, with scooters, with human cries. It vibrates with the clang of Buddhist prayer bells, and froths with the eager anticipation of first-time backpackers on the Banana Pancake Trail. Five years absent, I've finally returned…


Maybe it’s bungee jumping in the jungles of South America that’s got you all fired up? Or is it the thought of intrepid hikes to ancient Incan ruins in the Andes? Perhaps it’s the promise of hidden surf spots in the Indonesian Nusa Tenggara, endless parties on the full moon-floodlit beaches of Thailand, scrambles up Nica’s volcanic hills, or slides down Vietnam’s sandy dunes? Maybe its days spent under the Slavic sun hopping the plunge pools of Croatian waterfalls? Maybe it’s the vast Atacama and the hidden pueblo towns within? Maybe it’s Bali’s mysterious monkey forests or the green, green hills of Ubud? Maybe it’s all of the above…


Overhead, coconut palms rustle in the light gulf breezes. Sloshing waves lap against the shoreline, rolling off a turquoise-blue sea. Bamboo shacks sizzle with the scents of pad Thai noodle dishes and bubble with the chatter of backpackers two buckets down. Volleyballs bounce here, SCUBA teams prep their tanks there, and everywhere life is good. Welcome to the Thai islands.

Top 8 Reasons to Live the YogaLife

Imagine the jungles of Krabi at your back, the sounds of swinging macaques echoing through the palm boughs. Then add the scintillating rollers of the Thai Andaman, lapping rhythmically against the karst cliffs and picture-perfect beaches of the shore. Drop in a group of likeminded travellers all eager for a blowout in the Land of Smiles, not to mention daily classes of yoga that push the body and mind, a regime of healthy smoothies and not-so-healthy Chang beers, the opportunity to scuba through coral reefs and the succulent flavours of the Thai kitchen. Bingo: that’s the YogaLife. As if you needed eight more reasons to go and live it!

Crazy Things You Might Just See On An Asia Tour

Asia has beaches and buzzing cities, it’s home to some of the world’s most eye-wateringly wonderful natural sights, it bursts with interesting history and flavours and it’s got some of the nicest locals on the globe. Still, none of that helps with the culture shock experienced by first time travellers on an Asia tour. Those folk will still have to deal with the curious nuances and traditions that have grown up in this vast continent over the years, and get used to the fact that what may seem weird and crazy in the West is totally fair game in these parts! Check out some examples…

8 Must-try Vietnamese Foods!

We all love a good Thai curry, and India's chili-packed paneers and tandoor sauces are now everywhere in the west. But what about Vietnam? This elongated nation on the eastern edge of the Indochina Peninsula is home to a truly unique and taste-bud-tingling kitchen all of its own. Packed with the tangy scents of ginger, stacks of chili, oodles of oxtail, beef broths, tropical herbs, beansprout garnishes, fried omelette, charred onions and fish sauces, it's a veritable roller-coaster ride for the budding foodie.


After 2 days of travel, Blissful Bali..

I have arrived!I arrived in Kuta in anxious excitement to meet up with the crew I would be spending the next 3 weeks with. I checked in and got my bags situated when Petty, our guide, popped in to take me down to the beach, where the others were gathered. I had a feeling there would be a decent age gap between me and the others in the group and wondered whether it might b an issue.


Well tip one I learnt upon arriving in Bali, is that the ATM are a lil reversed compared to Canada! Take your money first, then your credit card! Learnt that the hard-ish way (currency exchange had it). The views and the architecture alone had captivated me right out of the airport. I felt the humidity on every part of my body, and yet it still had not clicked that my year of waiting was here.