Living The Bali Beach Life

Just the word "Bali" has become a byword for the good life. It conjures images of jungle-fringed beaches and cascading rice terraces, of tropical vistas and salt-spraying seas, all underpinned with a current of mystery and magic, wreathed in incense and scented with enticing peanut satay and BBQ smoke...

10 Reasons to see Iguazu Falls

Set deep in the heart of eastern South America, where the jungles of Brazil crash into the woods of Argentine Misiones, the great Iguazu Falls remain one of the most coveted tourist spots on the continent. It's easy to see why too! Hailed as the largest single waterfall system in the world, they are the stuff of records, wonders and superlatives. They are UNESCO-attested and have rarely failed to wow all who pass their way. Here are 10 reasons why you need to visit before you die…

YachtLife: A Trip To Remember

We arrived on Saturday to meet up with LBW, as soon as we got to the Bodrum port we saw an incredible beautiful yacht, i instantly thought this was going to be one amazing trip. That evening all the tour guides got the group together to have dinner, once this was done we headed over to the famous Club Catamaran. The tour guides got us an amazing deal on bottle service and our crazy and enjoyable night began! 

Picture-Perfect Paros: Greek Island Adventures

With a location in the very heart of the Aegean Sea, an earthy, off-the-beaten-track feel, traditional whitewashed villages, fish-sizzling tavernas, and some of the emptiest, most beautiful bays we've ever seen in the Med, Paros is an easy addition to our LBW YachtLife Greece. Days spent here are about soaking up the sun. They are about tasting local cuisine. They are about hiking sun-scorched ridges to find the secluded coves where no one else goes. They are about wallowing in the chilled vibes of the Greek life. Check it out…

Thaiventure Chronicles: Part 3

It’s a bitter sweet feeling I have, in writing this I must come to terms with the fact that the tour is almost over. But looking back I can’t be more than satisfied with what we accomplished in what felt like minutes of being here.