All in Croatia

5 reasons to live the YachtLife

If you’ve been flicking through those travel brochures pining after the glossy pics of Southern Europe, looking wide­ eyed at the shimmering white pebble beaches of Croatia and the forever­ sunny eucalyptus ­dotted coastlines of the Greek Islands and Turkey, then perhaps the time’s right to consider opting for the YachtLife! As well as promising a summer spent checking off some of the most beautiful seas and sands of Europe, these itineraries boast raucous nights out, fine weather and the chance to meet likeminded people. Sounds good right?

Ultra Europe

After day 1, it's time for 3 days of Ultra!! Absolutely insane and for those who love to rave, this is right up your alley. Some stayed out until the sun came out. Incredible venue and I love the fireworks. Before we went out, everyone gathered at the hostel to get all the info we needed for Ultra and the trip and to go over guidelines for boat rules.