Koh Tao - Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

Dark and slightly wet we set out on a bus for the long haul. 10 hours of what was supposed to be watching movies and sleeping turned into bonding time. About half of us ventured downstairs on the bus for some drinking games. In the last 48 hours I had only slept for 6 hours so I chose to sleep. 2 hours into the road trip I woke up to the laughter and loud noises from below.

Ditch Gucci for a Passport | Experiences Dominate over Material Goods for Long-term Happiness

Let me introduce you to something known as buyer’s remorse. If you don’t know of the term, I’m certain you have experienced it. Buyer’s remorse is that feeling of regret after a purchase; whether it’s a new car, the latest iPhone, the wrong type of salad dressing, or even an article of fast fashion that was already kicked out of style before you left the store, you have surely experienced it at some point. In fact, Skelton and Allwood (2017) found that a vast majority of adults (82%) have experienced this at least once in their life.