Your YogaLife Experience

This YogaLife we want you to sit back, relax and let us take control while you just enjoy the ride. Our registered yoga teachers and tour guides have only one goal, and that is to ensure you have the time of your life!


Yoga is all about enhancing your natural senses, extending your body and becoming one with your chi, through deep breath meditation. An art such as this should only be experienced in the most natural surroundings, that’s why we are taking you to Thailand!

Itching to know what you expect on this spiritual journey? But remember YogaLife is not your average Yoga retreat, we want you to fully experience the beauties that Thailand has to offer. So we have lined up the best events, experiences and of course yoga! Here are a few things you can expect this October with Life Before Work Travel, YogaLife: 

Krabi Homestay - Yoga Heaven

At our very own KrabiLife Homestay, we have a yoga platform where you will partake in daily yoga practices with Noelle, our official YogaLife teacher and guide. In addition, during your stay, help yourself to poolside cocktails, healthy home-cooked authentic Thai food and lounge by the pool, soaking up that beautiful sunshine. 


Namtok Ron Hot Springs and Waterfall

Ever wanted to immerse yourself within a beautiful backdrop waterfall? Well, now you can! A short drive away from our Krabi homestay is the ever-so mesmerizing Namtok Ron; this dreamy getaway has natural hot springs & and waterfall where you can relax your muscles and be truly at one with nature. 

Sea Kayaking Through Mangrove Forests.

On your tour, we want you to experience the most natural parts of Thailand that country has to offer; what better way to explore Thailand than to go deep into the forest and kayak through beautiful mangroves created over hundreds of years? Our guides will take you through the forest to see the incredible flora and fauna native to Thailand. 

Explore Koh Phi Phi

See one of the most amazing places in the world, the beautiful Koh Phi Phi islands. Take a boat ride across the islands through the day and enjoy the blissful sun, local markets and beaches. Experience the immense underwater wildlife by snorkelling or scuba diving on a day trip, ending on a private island to enjoy a BBQ with your fellow travellers. Can it get any better than that?


During the evening, watch the islands come alive with the beachside bars, filled with welcoming locals who will stop at nothing to ensure you are having a great time. These bars also stay open as long as there is a customer, so if you are keen on staying out late and watching the sunrise, you will always have a place to be! The evening brings out the young, vibrant culture and local Thai performers, inviting you to watch their show. Mind you, this isn’t just any show; watch these daredevils play with fire lances and poi, doing tricks you have never seen before, mixed with incredible mid-air stunts. 

These are just a few of the amazing adventures you can expect to encounter on your Yogalife retreat. But, please remember that this experience is all about you; if you want to break away from the rest of the group for a day, just let the tour guide know what you feel like doing and they will make the arrangements for you.


Want to know more about what you will be getting up to in Thailand in our Yogalife retreat? 

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LBW Travel is excited to introduce our newest style of travelling, YogaLife, which was created because our team loves yoga, and we want to share that with our travellers! We put together an experience that combines our fun and exciting tours with a balance of yoga, adventure and life-changing experiences. This is not your average yoga retreat. This is YogaLife!

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