YachtLife Croatia

Hvar, where do I even begin to explain how beautiful this place is?


After a morning swim, we docked and went to see a 16th century fortress. The history and how many invasions Croatia has endured is incredible and you can truly see it walking through the town. The best of each country in power seems to be what Hvar is made up of; beautiful alleyways and limestone buildings lay across the edge of the bay. Upon landing on the shore from the boats, Mega Yachts lined the dock; towering over all of us, glistening in the sun as we walked along the water to the beach party we were headed to. Walking to the beach that is atop a mass of limestone, the bar was crowded with people having a great time with locals sun bathing and people swimming. Hvar is such a wonderful place. 

Next stop for us was Vis, another beautiful place filled with vineyards. Many of us, for only 150 Kuna, took scooters around the whole island for a few hours. Then, we went to a gorgeous fortress that had been turned into a restaurant. We ate dinner here, and watched the sunset and the sky melt into purples and pinks. After dinner, the restaurant turned into a club and some other travel companies joined for a dance party. 

Next stop was the birthplace of Marco Polo, Korcula. Here we had an all day party where everyone wore white, but I opted out to go into the city center and go to the museum and meet up with everyone after. The City of Korcula is similar to Hvar in someways; beautiful limestone buildings and alleyways form (what to me seemed like) arms branching out like a sun in some parts, and all meeting in the middle circle with some shopping kiosks. Yet again, another truly beautiful place to visit in Croatia. 



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