Why YachtLife is the BEST choice for your Croatia Yacht Trip

Why YachtLife is the BEST choice for your Croatia Yacht Trip

YachtLife has specialized in 18 to 30+ tours for Croatia’s yacht week since 2013, and continues to thrive as the top small luxury tour operator for solo travellers, couples and friend groups alike.

When it comes to choosing a company to sailing Croatia with in 2019, we thought we would make things a little simpler for you by breaking down what makes YachtLife f*cking awesome, compared to the other options out there.

It’s not your job to fill the yacht - it’s ours.

Have you ever planned an outing for you and a group of people, only to have people bail last minute? Now, imagine that happening after booking a private yacht in Europe and getting stuck with the bill. Nope, not a good time (and mucho expensivo.) With us, all you need to do is secure your own spot, and the rest is up to us. Easy peasy YachtLife squeezy.

We don’t sail on catamarans, or sailboats - only yachts.

Our yachts can fit up to 40 people onboard - nearly 4x as many as other companies. We hand-pick absolute gems that are modern, sleek and comfortable. The goal is for you to step onboard, and for the first thing that comes to your mind is: damn!*” We know you didn’t come all the way to Europe to be mediocre; you came to have an incredible time sailing aboard a luxury, private yacht with some seriously amazing humans. What ever will your Instagram fans think if they see you aboard a dinghy?


*Please note the exclamation point, enhancing fist-biting excitement. A simple period is left for those who choose to sail with the competitors, to showcase mere disappointment. Punctuation is very important here, ladies and gents.

Also, our yacht features a mega large sundeck to lounge on and air-conditioning and ensuite washrooms in your comfortable rooms to cool off. Not meaning to brag, just stating facts. See for yourself:


Speaking of sailing, we have captains and crew to handle that.

Some companies charge you extra to hire a skipper to sail your “yacht,” or else you need to handle that yourself. We have a ton of faith in our travellers, but when it comes to our ships we leave them in the hands of highly-trained professionals. This way, you can truly kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride - stress free with your all-inclusive package (more on that below!)

Meals are included (and seriously awesome.)  

Don’t know about you, but cooking at home is tough enough to do - nevertheless while on vacation. How about you let us handle your breakfasts and lunch each day, and allow yourself the chance to experience the incredible dining opportunities at each of our locations for dinner. If you aren’t sure where to go, just ask the guide onboard for a recommendation or to help make a reservation for you.


Welcoming to young adult travel groups? You betcha!

Shout out to the 18 and 19 year olds who are keen to sail Europe - we would love to have you! Competitors generally don’t allow those under the age of 20 aboard, but to heck with them for not letting you budding explorers follow your dreams! We think, if you’re old enough to order yourself a drink at dinner, you should be able to sail with us - don’t you?

In case you are slightly on the opposite end of the spectrum than those above, and would prefer the company of an older crowd, fear not! We have ages 25+ exclusive sailings available to those that fit that demographic. We can smell the local vino flowing already, can’t you?


Are you a solo traveller? You’re going to love this.

YachtLife is one of the top tour group operators for solo travellers because this tour is designed specifically to turn new friends into family in a week’s time. Over one third of our travellers on our adventures come solo, but one hundred percent of them leave a part of our travel tribe community. If you are looking for the ultimate Croatia vacation getaway for your new solo adventure, look no further.


Tour guides on each private yacht.  

Many companies don’t include trip leaders at all, or if they do there’s 1 for every 3-4 boats. That doesn’t really allow for you to ask all of the questions that will come across on your journey, or for them to give your group the adequate attention you deserve. Our survey results show that our guides are notably one of the highlights of our travellers’ yachting holidays in Croatia; therefore have at least one guide on each yacht that has years of training on the area, AND is a Class “A” human that will make sure your time is nothing short of iconic. We run our yachts on epic vibes and good times, and therefore it’s pertinent that there’s a leader on board to keep the ship a-sailin!

DJs providing incredible music along your yacht week.

To top it all off, we have a DJ onboard each of our sailings to truly set the tone for your week. We value the importance of incredible music when floating in the sea, getting ready for your night out in town, or dancing the night away in your penguin onesie in a private bay. Our DJs will always have an extensive collection of music available to make sure they can make anyone happy; but, please make sure to let us know ahead of time if there’s a particular song you NEED to hear while sailing so we can add it to our collection (while the wifi is still strong!)


P.S. Please note that all song requests that are deemed total garbage will be asked to walk the plank.

P.P.S. Just kidding… kinda.

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