Why a Tropical Island Getaway Should Be Your Next Destination

Why a Tropical Island Getaway Should Be Your Next Destination

Do you see yourself as Tom Hanks and Wilson a la Castaway? Fancy yourself as a bit of a Robinson Crusoe? A budding Bear Grylls? Or do you just dream of the sway of coconut palms and the splash of the Pacific Ocean, the chirp of primeval jungles and true seclusion?Whatever your reason for pining after the that bona fide tropical island getaway, we can hardly blame you. At LBW, we were so taken by the idea of getting off-the-beaten-track and hitting our own lonely little speck out in the swells that we actually made it happen!

Cue IslandLife. We're particularly proud of this one. It's a trip that lets you shed the 9-5 and break away from the Rat Race. It's a trip that lets you feel the sun on your face and the salt wash of the Pacific between your toes. It lets you party all night without worrying about the neighbors and helps you free yourself from the shackles of the modern world.

And if that fruity intro still isn't enough to get you picking up the phone and booking, then we've got plenty more where it came from…


You get a taste of paradise

If you're pining after shimmering coves of cotton white sand, aquamarine waters that are transparent to the touch, and leaning coconut palms that drop down to empty bays, then it's likely a tropical island getaway is the choice for you. Forget Copacabana and the Caribbean, the beaches here are where it's at!

You synchronize with the natural world

It doesn’t take many days of waking up to the sound of the lapping waves and the chirp of tropical parakeets to get into sync with the natural world. Feeling the rhythms of nature and the beat of the environment around us is a phenomenon many people in the Rat Race never get to enjoy. You'll find those body clocks start to attune with the ebb and flow of the evenings and mornings; you'll sense the tides rising and falling; you'll feel the jungle sway and breathe.

There's no sunset like it

Really, there's not! Pinkish red hues and glimmering streaks of gold drift across the water when the sun decides to drop onto the Panamanian horizon. The Pacific Ocean glows like a reveler in a Full Moon Party, and the waves rise and fall under a resplendent sky of technicolor. You don't have to do anything for the show either – just kick back, crack a cold one and enjoy.

You get to see the stars

But you can do that back at home, right? Wrong. Away from the bright lights of the big city and the Central American mainland, folk on our tropical island getaway enjoy front row seats over the cosmos. As soon as the sun sets, the twinkle of red giants and white dwarfs fills every corner of the sky above. You can spot shooting stars and smoldering suns, drifting space stations and animalistic shapes in the ether.

It's all about the good vibes

At the risk of sounding like a Panamanian parrot recycling the lyrics of a Beach Boys track, it's all about the good vibrations on LBW's IslandLife. Everyone's there for a good time. And boy do the good times roll! With dance parties, fancy dress shindigs, campfire sessions, yoga in the mornings, sunset viewing, craft workshops, gifting (more on that one later), and oodles more besides, it's hard not to get happy from the experience!

You'll see the true meaning of seclusion

You can read as many travel mags and gawp at as many Instagram feeds as you like, but the chances are you'll never find a beach that's quite as secluded as the one we visit on our tropical island getaway. Set out in the untrodden reaches of the Panamanian Pacific, our islet is lonely and untouched. The only footprints on the sands will be your own and your fellow travelers' – and perhaps those of a few slow-moving sloths.

It's ethical travel

We work hard to make absolutely no impact on the natural surroundings we enjoy so much on the LBW IslandLife. We leave only footprints in the sand. We pitch only tents between the trees. We recycle everything, and depart an island that looks just as much like the old land of Robinson Crusoe as it did when we arrived.

You're free to be yourself

Rock up in a pirate costume or don an Alice in Wonderland dress. Clad yourself in blue face paint or get chieftain hats made of feathers. Go for the classic panda outfit or opt to be a Tiki prince with coconut shells and voodoo colors all over. Yep, on our tropical island, you're free to be who you want or what you want, when you want and how you want!


Heading out to our tropical island getaway in the swells of the Pacific isn't just about long and lazy days between the hammocks and the sea. It's also about meeting and mingling with other folks. Our policy of gifting is central to this. You can come and offer up any skill or trick, knowledge or insight you like. Or, you can just learn and absorb the interesting things and experiences your fellow islanders have to offer. Either way, you're sure to have left having achieved something!

It's different

Come on, how many travelers hit the Hippy Trail? How many opt to flit between Monteverde and the cloud forests? How many check off Full Moon Parties and the haunts of Southeast Asia? Loads, right? And while we luuuuurrve all that too, you should also ask yourself: How many people enjoy their own private island in the tropical lands of the Pacific? Talk about spending that gap year wisely…

If you're ready to go full castaway on your own tropical island getaway, then we'd love to have you join us on our next outing to our untouched place. We can't tell you where it is, of course (that's a secret!), but we can take you there on our salt-washed boats. For more info, head across to LBW IslandLife.

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