What to pack for YachtLife!

What to pack for YachtLife!

Congratulations, you’ve decided to ride the waves on an LBW boat trip! It makes no difference if you've gone for YachtLife Med, to hop between the bar-dotted proms of Bodrum and the crumbling ancient ruins of Rhodes, if you've penned in YachtLife Croatia, the seven-night blow out of Balkan fun that ranges from the sandy beaches of Dalmatia to the amazing isles around Brac and Hvar, or our new route, exploring the ancient wonder of the Greek islands on YachtLife Greece You're bound to have a blast on whichever trip you go for.

Now it's time to pack. But what to wear on a cruise with LBW? Well, that decision is totally up to you. We do have just a few suggestions though. Some are sensible and some are less so, but all are sure to help when it comes to deciding what threads to pack for that summertime trip though the waters of the Med! Here we go…

Board shorts and vest – for partying and day-to-day lazing

For the boys, that tried-and-tested combo of board shorts and vests is surely going to be one of the most popular combos of daily attire when on our cruises. You can come dressed head-to-toe in wave-ready cut-offs and a washed-out Bintang onesies left over from your days traveling Southeast Asia (with LBW, we hope!). Or, you can get a whole new outfit just for the occasion, and show off those bright colors and patterned designs for all to see. The real beauty of this staple of the ship has to be its versatile. Got the sudden urge to just launch yourself from the deck and into the ocean? No problem. Want to simply kick-back with a relaxing mojito and some chilled tunes? These are comfy enough.

Bikinis – for swimming and sunning yourself up top

No matter if you've already chosen that designer two-piece or managed to bag a bargain on some cheap end-of-season wear, the trusty bikini is likely going to be your best friend on that LBW cruise. You'll wear it in the morning for that pre-breakfast swim. You'll wear it during the day, for sunning yourself atop the deck. You'll wear it in the early evening, when it's time to crack those cold ones as your legs dangle just above the Adriatic. You'll wear it later on too, when the stars come out and we party hard in the sultry heat of the southern Europe night. Oh, and boys, you feel free to don these bad boys too – no one's judging here!

Speedos – for recreating the Daniel Craig

One thing's for sure: there's bound to be plenty of chances to swim on whatever LBW cruise you've chosen. Whether it's the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea or the glistening Aegean, you're bound to be enticed by the sheer sun-kissed beauties and coves in our various corners of the Med. And where the girls have bikinis, the boys will need their Speedos. Of course, this skin-tight piece of swimwear isn't compulsory dress, but it will sure help you recreate those sexy Daniel Craig maneuvers as you emerge up the pebble beaches of the Makarska Riveira, Vis bay, Bodrum, beautiful Kos – the list goes on! Best get those pecks ready too, come to think of it.

Neon paint – for the music fests

Glow sticks and neon paint are the go-to attire for folk making a beeline to the Ultra Europe Music Festival in July. Taking place under the star-studded skies of Split on the Dalmatian coast, this massive blowout of EDM and trance, house and electro is sure to get you shimmying until the early hours. We've timed our YachtLife Croatia trips to fit seamlessly with this summertime party, which means you'll be able to slip straight from the deck and out into the tents and beachside music venues. Dressed in the same shiny fluorescent colors as the thousands of other revelers from all over the globe who go there, you'll fit right in as you flit between the massive DJ acts in the Stadion Poljud, the evening EDM parties on the Dalmatian islands and the hidden dance shows in the city's Slavic beer bars. Woo!

All white – for our WHITE Parties

Midway through our awesome YachtLife Croatia and YachtLife Med itineraries, we pull up the boat between the sun-kissed headlands of Korcula island, or bob along the deep-blue seas between Kos and Nisyros islands, and party like there's no tomorrow. Okay, well actually we do that every night, but this particular evening will be one to remember. Why? Well, because it's LBW's famous WHITE Party – that's why! Don your best clear-colored clothes and join the shindig. Everyone will be wearing the same color scheme, so you're sure to fit right in. Think headbands, whitewashed vests, bleached-out footwear, monochrome bikinis and the like!

Fancy dress – just to be different

Penguin suits, sailor outfits, naughty nurses, Smurfs, buccaneers a la Captain Jack Sparrow, grizzly bear costumes, Big Bird, the Milky Bar Kid – it's all fair game on a LBW cruise! Trust us, we simply love fancy dress. We see it as a way for folk to express themselves in the way they want. We won't bat an eyelid if you come to the breakfast table dressed as a pink flamingo from head to toe (even if we can't say the same for fellow passengers). We won't mind if you opt to come to those evening drinks sessions in complete cowboy gear. It's totally up to you! You might find you'll need to bring an extra bag of luggage or two though; you know, if you want all of the options above at the ready in that fancy dress arsenal!

Have you been on a YachtLife trip and have some other suggestions for what to wear on a cruise with LBW? Can you think of any other great fancy dress choices that simply have to be in the backpack for this one? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you think it's time you hit the seas yourself and enjoyed an LBW cruise, be sure to check out our itineraries page! We can't wait to see you up deck, wearing your best threads, of course.   

You can find more details on our YachtLife tours HERE!

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