What an amazing first couple of days we have had here in Bali! Started off with our awesome tour guide Petty picking me up at the airport on his scooter! Such a fun way to start the trip. Bali is absolutely beautiful, there's a type of warm and welcoming feeling here that I have never felt anywhere else, from the beautiful beaches to the kind local people it truly is wonderful here.

The food is also amazing, there's a cute little restaurant beside our hotel with the most amazing noodles. I was the first one on the tour to arrive, the rest of the group didn't arrive until the afternoon so Petty took me on his scooter again and we hung out at the beach for a while. Once everyone got here we headed down to the beach to enjoy a few beers and get to know each other while watching the sunset. 

We kick started the first official day of the tour with a day of learning how to surf. What an awesome experience, the waves were so big and intimidating but once we got the hang of it we had the best time ever (minus the rash most of us got on our thighs and elbows from the board). We've only been together for a couple of days but we already are having so much fun together. After surfing we celebrated 2 of the girls birthdays with card games, drinks and went out to the club. 

Yesterday we spent some time at a beach with the most beautiful blue water, before heading to Uluwatu Temple where we got to watch a traditional Balinese Kecak dance during the sunset. It was so cool, no instruments all sounds were just made with their voices and there were over 1000 people there to watch. It was so cool to experience traditional Balinese culture that way. 

Today we went to Ubud, to a temple where we were given these beautiful purple sarongs to wear, and we got to go into these pools of holy water with 21 fountains that all have different meanings. At each fountain we had to first ask permission from the spirits, then gargle the water 3 times, drink the water 3 times, wash our faces 3 times then put our heads under the water. It was a great experience. Then we drove to the Monkey Forest, there were monkeys everywhere and you can buy bananas to feed to them. They jumped right on us, sitting on our heads, arms and backs. I love monkeys so this was awesome for me, I got some pretty awesome GoPro videos. 

Can't wait to see what else Bali has in store for us! 

Hey, I’m Lauren!

I’m 19 years old from Winnipeg, MB…I went on my first solo trip with LBW last year on the 6 week Treasures of Thailand trip. It completely changed my life and the way I look at the world (not to mention increased my wanderlust by about 1000%).


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