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Hey guys!! As we departed Kanchanburi, we took an old school hippie-style bus on our way to the Singburi homestay!! A few hours and some rocking tunes later we finally arrived! We were greeted by an amazingly kind woman named Peetim. She was the owner of the homestay and probably one of the most warm hearted people I've ever met. 

Our first day was spent settling in and enjoying some of the cool activities her homestay had to offer us. This included ping pong, the music room, and of course our movie night to end things off. Upon waking up we had a huge and super exciting day ahead of us. Bright and early the school kids from around the area were at the homestay and eager to learn. Our entire group was out and about teaching the different groups of kids different things. Variating from simple English, math, drawing, & we even taught a few kids to wrestle! Oops. Packed with fun and excitement we taught all day until the next group of kids arrived. This next group was special in a different sort of way. They were orphaned young monks that ranged from the ages of 5 - 14. It was such an awesome, and eye opening experience to many of us. Seeing how these kids smiled and appreciated every bit of attention and affection they received. It was really great to be a part of their day and have them be a part of ours in return. They had hearts of gold and truly sparked a quick friendship amongst us all. Peetim had even prepared packages of a blanket and pillow to give to them. Saying our final goodbyes and taking a few last pictures, we seen these amazing kids off. Feeling exhausted from a hard days worth of running around, we still weren't done!

Later in the evening we were going to attend a grand party in the city. This was no ordinary party. Once a year, there are festivities held in which the Thai people dress in traditional festive gowns to celebrate the King's reign. We were given gowns to wear to the party by Peetim so that we would fit in a bit better. They were made of silk and a decorated sash. Gold and a variety of pastel colours seemed to be what was worn by all the locals. Upon arriving, there were thousands upon thousands of people around us; causing us to get split up. Myself, my roomie Joel and the 2 girls (Shaye and Randi) wandered the streets edging our way closer towards the King's palace. At one point we even found ourselves caught in the middle of a ceremony we probably shouldn't have been in. Amongst all the people we found a lot of really awesome Thai food stalls selling traditional foods and deserts. All in all it was an amazing experience to see all the different Thai clothing, dresses, outfits, parades, and bands! 

Returning home we packed our bags for our departure the following day. Me and the LBW group had an unforgettably amazing time at the homestay! Peetim gave us the best hospitality she could offer and then some! She is always looking for young school teachers for a day or two; so if you're ever in the area, it is worth the smiles. We are be headed to Chiang Mai via an overnight bus. Stay tuned for more of my adventures through Thailand and talk to you all soon!


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