Unmentioned Adventures

Unmentioned Adventures

With the tour almost over I've been re reading my blogs and have discovered I left out so much stuff! So many things and stories I haven't told you guys yet! So that's what this blog is about, I'm going to list all the things I can think of that were great and yet I didn't mention them at all.

I'm going to write them in no particular order just as I think of them. Most of these things were not in the itinerary and were completely unexpected, but that's part of what made them all so great and so memorable. Also I'm not going to give you much details about them but instead let you come to your own conclusions about them. Enjoy!

  • Going Scuba Diving for the first time

  • The Push up contest/game

  • Meeting other people that weren't on the tour such as two best friends named Tom & Jerry hehe

  • Riding in Tuk Tuks and in the back of trucks - I loved doing this. 

  • Watching friends eat scorpions

  • Developing a crush and sharing a really great kiss with someone

  • Being a magician's assistant and helping him do a magic trick

  • Snorkelling

  • Booze cruises

  • Going cliff jumping

  • Going night fishing with some friends and locals

  • Eating fried chicken in the back of a truck while it's raining (let's face it when will I ever do that again?)

  • The cute singing Thai man and fire dancers

  • Meeting a gorgeous Hawaiian man (like does modelling on the side gorgeous)

  • Going to a Sushi Train restaurant for the first time

  • Playing a card/question and answer game very similar to Charades. 

  • Several people getting bamboo tattoos

  • Laughing so hard I almost drown in a pool (not really but it was pretty embarrassing)

  • Learning how to two-step

  • Being so happy/excited I couldn't sleep

  • Playing drinking games

  • Everyone trying each other's food

  • Sea kayaking

  • Watching friends fight each other (friendly Muay Thai fighting of course!)

  • Singing Karaoke

  • Having one of our tour guides sing "Hero" to us

  • Seeing the "big ass tree"

  • The costume party

  • Mastering driving a scooter post-crash


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Goodbyes are Always Hard...

Goodbyes are Always Hard...

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