When entering new countries and places, we are bound to come across different languages and ways of communicating.  Despite language barriers and cultural differences, we are all able to adapt, share, learn, and most of all - love.

Smile more.

Throughout my travels, I've learned to further appreciate the power in a gentle, welcoming face. A smile can warm your heart, remind you of home, and open the door to new relationships and opportunities.

Smiling is a universal language.

Surround yourself with music.

I am in complete awe of the talent that surrounds me. As a lover and artist of music myself, I can't help but fall in love with every single person I see sharing their heart. I love attending live acoustic shows, singing around a campfire, singing in taxis, and taking the time to explore cultural shows.  Music is such an intimate experience - regardless if you understand the words. We can all connect to music, the sound, the voice, the instruments. When was the last time you enjoyed a musical experience?  When was the last time you created art?  Each and every one of us has the ability to create - share your art with the world!

Music is a universal language.

Be patient.

Though we may not understand every language we encounter, we all have the ability to be patient. We all have the capability to learn, and welcome the chance to develop our skills. I'm amazed and very thankful for the individuals I've encountered during my travels who speak multiple languages. Locals have assisted with directions, guides have translated words/foods, and total have strangers have described items/places.  At the end of the day, we are adaptable and all have the ability to help. Humans are amazing, we all have the ability to adapt - and we all have the ability to teach. Next time you come across someone who speaks differently, welcome them with open arms.  You may just meet someone who will change your life.  Better yet, you have the chance to be the one who changes someone else's life.

Always remember - we all have the ability to be creative and share our hearts. Get out there and share your talents with the world!

Corinne is a fun, outgoing, positive individual - with a love for people & adventure! After graduating from Applied Counseling (Winnipeg, Manitoba) - she packed her bags & relocated to beautiful British Columbia, without knowing a soul.

She has an extensive background in community outreach; passionate to help foster the hopes & dreams of people & their communities. Corinne's family - including her dog Roxy, & friends mean the world to her. She enjoys living an active lifestyle; when she's not singing, acting, or teaching herself an instrument - she's likely to be found climbing mountains to catch the sunrise, or enjoying some yoga/acro yoga. She believes one person can make a difference, & as she always says - The world needs love, be love.

Corinne is super excited to have you join her in this journey - & encourages you to chase your dreams. Life is short, book the trip - "experience is more valuable than money will ever be". Are you ready!?

Facebook: Corinne Michelle
Twitter: CorinneCoutts
Instagram: Couttsyc

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