Unique Experiences That You Can Have on IslandLife

Unique Experiences That You Can Have on IslandLife


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It's no secret that we're really, really proud of our IslandLife itinerary. We've been working on it for years, after all. After finally getting the right spot and forging the perfect trip of fun-loving vibes and beautiful tropical enjoyment, we can't help but blow its trumpet a couple of times. So, check out these amazing unique experiences that you'll get from just one week with us in the Panamanian Caribbean…

Waking up right on Caribbean shores

As you zip up the tent and retreat to your camp bed after a long evening of workshops and dancing with to the sounds of international DJs on that first night of the IslandLife, you probably won't be ready for what's to come in the morning. We've watched as wide-eyed travelers emerge from their tents and gaze out across the deep Caribbean Blue. The waves slosh lightly against the shore and the morning light twinkles on the turquoise waters. There's nothing but a few meters or of sand between you and the great ocean at that moment. It's a truly unique experience, and one that you can enjoy each time you get up on our beloved speck in the Panamanian seas!

Stargazing without any light pollution

No matter how much of a dedicated stargazer you are, how many hours you plough into searching the night skies for their secrets, or how many angles you test the telescope out at, it's likely you'll never see a cosmos as clear as the one we get on IslandLife. It's a blanket of deep, jet black, peppered with twinkling stars that shine so bright you'd think they were jewels. There are dashes of cosmic dust here and there; galaxies twisting in the ether; entire solar systems ripe for the viewing. Yep, just look up from our private island and you're bound to catch a glimpse of the impossibly bold universe all around.

Learning yoga to the sound of the waves

It's not for kicks that we take a qualified yoga instructor along on the IslandLife. It's for the focus and invigorating energy of getting attuned with your inner self, aligning the chakras and finally becoming devoted to your regular Sadhana (spiritual routine). Our on-site teacher is an expert at revealing the ancient secrets of the Hatha school, which uses stretches and pulls and poses to get you thinking about the powerful union of body and mind. It's sure to leave you feeling healthier and more energetic for all the fun that's to come! You can even give Acro Yoga a try!

Watching uninterrupted sunsets

There are so many destinations on the globe that claim to have the best sunsets known to man. Well, we'd like to throw our lovely private isle into the mix. Stake your place on the shoreline for the evening show and you'll see why we're so confident about it. As that great, glimmering orb dips to the horizon line, it spreads its rays across the blue ocean like a great Panamanian volcano erupting with light. The Caribbean shines like it's been polished and the seas turn from turquoise to green to yellow to ochre to orange as the twilight sets in. It's certainly one to write home about!

Partying on your own private island

Everyone knows about the mega blowouts of Koh Phangan and Phi Phi. They are visited by more than 40,000 people each month, apparently. And while we totally love those things, there's no denying the booming crowds can take a little of the old je ne sais quoi from the legendary hippy beaches of Thailand. Not so on our awesome Carribbean isle. Here, where few footsteps have ever marked the sand before us, and Robinson Crusoe is a more likely find than a Full Moon partier, it's possible to guzzle beers and cocktails in your own private tropical paradise. That's something rare in this world. And something we should totally cheers to. Where's my beer?

Swimming in the Caribbean – just you; no one else

There's something really enchanting about having a beach totally to yourself. It doesn’t happen very often. We know because we've sailed across the Adriatic and the Med, the waters of Southeast Asia, from Bali to the Gilis to the kohs of Thailand. But it sure does happen here, where the pearly blue swells of the Caribbean meet the pristine sands of our IslandLife retreat. With no other travelers around except your own fellow revelers, those secluded, lonely swims can finally be checked off the bucket list.

Finding yourself

Last but not least is that old travel cliché: finding yourself. Sorry, but we couldn't resist, and it's darn true, too. It might seem strange, but heading away from the real world, out into the vastness of the Caribbean Ocean, to where buildings and banks and internet connections and 9-5 work schedules are a nothing, can really help you discover something. With plenty of time to meditate and think, to learn new skills from your fellow travelers, and ponder just what it is that makes you tick, it's not too ridiculous to say that you could come away from this awesome experience knowing just a little bit more about yourself than when you left!


If you've returned a changed person from one of our awesome IslandLife trips, we'd sure love to hear about what features and things you enjoyed the most about it. Just be sure to make your voice heard in the comments below. Or, if you think it's time you flew across to the tropical lands of Panama to enjoy all of the unique experiences outlined above, why not check out the ins and outs of our IslandLife itinerary?


Photos in this article courtesy of our friends at Pink Plankton, Forever Young Eyewear, Kevin Rist Productions, and The Funk Hunters

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