Traveling Europe: the best routes across the continent!

Traveling Europe: the best routes across the continent!

So you’ve decided to travel Europe? Good. You’re about to experience one of the most beautiful and fun-loving places in the world.

Get ready for frothy Slavic beers and ancient wonders, prepare for summer parties to shame American Spring Break, prime the camera for the likes of Big Ben and the Acropolis, the board shorts for the Adriatic and the Med, the vodka valves for the potent output Poland and Russia, and the sun cream for scorching Spain. Then, think about where you want to go and what you want to see. Perhaps these popular route suggestions will help…


London to Paris and the north

City hopping through the bucket-list metropolises of northern Europe remains one of the most popular itineraries for first-time travelers on the continent. A typical trip (like LBW’s Euro Super City) will start under the shadow of Big Ben and Nelson’s Column, with travelers checking off the regal sights of Buckingham Palace and partying in mega clubs like Fabric. From there, it’s onto Paris, the City of Lights and love, to scale the Eiffel Tower and see the masterworks of the Louvre. Finally, Amsterdam calls, with its smoky coffee shops and the chilled out Vondelpark, not to mention the hedonistic joints around Rembrandtplein after dark! Extensions to Berlin, or Vienna, Barcelona or Cologne are also possible once you’re done. LBW’

Join the LBW YachtLife

Whoever said that traveling Europe means sticking to the land? Not us. No siree! LBW have been taking to the seas for years, exploring the ins and outs of the Croatian coast, from the rugged inlets and coves of Dalmatia to the shimmering pebble beaches of the Makarska Riviera, from the party-mad student towns of Hvar Island (Think raika shots by the bucket load) to the pretty harboursides of little Vis. And the fun doesn’t stop on the Adriatic either, because this route through Europe affords travelers the chance to sail further into the east, where Turkey’s sultry Bodrum Peninsula meets the ancient ruins of the Greek Aegean Islands. Imagine that all from the comfort of a luxurious 40-person yacht with deck DJs and chilled beers!

Roadtripping the east

Eastern Europe might have something of a rep for shabby post-communist towns and drab weather, but anyone who’s made their way here will be the first to tell you that’s totally wrong! From the party dives of Sopot and the bohemian bars of Gdansk to the crumbling medieval towers of Tallinn, the underground beer halls of Krakow to the beautiful High Tatras of Slovakia, the hedonistic student towns of Zagreb and Ljubljana, Lake Bled to sun-splashed Pula and the electro-mad Balkans, there are countless jewels and gems for the intrepid explorer. Take to the roads and get off-the-beaten-track, camp and hostel-hop, and you’re sure to have a great time in the European east!


Hopping the cities of España

There’s a reason why some people fall in love with Spain and never look back. This country of twirling flamenco dancers and aromatic tapa, of roaring bulls and chanting football fans, shimmering beaches and olive-dressed backcountry rarely fails to impress. So, why not make it the focus of your European travels this year? Why not head for the bucket list city of Barcelona, home to the curious creations of Antoni Gaudi and the sandy strips of La Barceloneta (think sunbathing in March!)? Then there’s Valencia waiting, nestled between the beautiful beaches of the Orange Blossom Coast, boasting the tastiest paella you’ll ever eat, and proximity to Buñol, the home of La Tomatina (watch out for flying vegetables!). If that all tickles your fancy, then be sure to check out LBW’s Spanish Fiesta!

Central Europe: lakes, forests and Slavic towns

Thousands of people every year are drawn to the towns of Central Europe. With a Slavic flavour and a low price tag, they burst from the rolling hills of Bohemia and around to offer wondrous castles in Prague, the breathtaking fairy-tale sights of Lake Bled in Slovenia, bubbling bathhouses in Budapest (not to mention some of the best ruin bars on the continent), imperial grandeur in Vienna, tasty beers in Pilsen, and sleepless summer blowouts on the banks of Balaton. What’s more, hopping between the major destinations here has never been easier, with cheap buses and trains crisscrossing the region all the time.


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