Top 5 YachtLife Moments

Top 5 YachtLife Moments

Penguin PartyLife's better when you dress up! Welcome to the famous onesie Penguin Party! Experience the ultimate party on a yacht being comfy as ever in your penguin onesie! Be prepared for some champagne showers, a non-stop dance party & a lot of beverages!

It's time to get ridiculous!Partying in Club Deep (YachtLife Croatia)It's not often you get to party in a cave! One of the places we hit up in Makarska, Croatia! Such a unique club that opens up the beach if you feel like taking a break from the dance floor to get some fresh air!White Party

We love our theme parties! Policy: Must be wearing all white & must be ready to have a good time! ;) Whether you're partying on the beach in Croatia or on the top deck of the yacht in the Mediterranean, the party never stops! We can't promise your white will be white by the end of the night, but we can guarantee it'll be worth it. :) 

Partying in Club Catamaran (YachtLife Mediterranean)

This isn't your ordinary nightlife! Imagine boarding a catamaran in the port of Bodrum & as the night carries on, you're dancing with the ocean beneath you, the town is slowly fading away & you feel a rumble from the ship taking off into sea! It's a partying experience like no other.Glow Party

Ever experienced a glow party? The sun has set & we're ready to bust out the glow sticks! Time to light the night up with amazing people, the best beats, & lots of energy!


Visiting Krka Waterfalls (YachtLife Croatia Add-On)

Krka National Park encompasses the area along the course of the Krka River in Croatia, which flows through a picturesque canyon for over 75 km and creates roaring waterfalls! Take in the views & swim alongside the stunning sights!

Krka Waterfalls.jpg

Champagne Showers

YachtLife wouldn't be YachtLife without a champagne shower! If you've never experienced one, you're in for a party treat! 

Ultra Europe (YachtLife Croatia Add-On)

It's music festival time! Get ready to dance the night away to some of the worlds biggest Dj's, surrounded by thousands of people from all over the world, & a light show that will take your breath away. Be prepared for the time of your life with the LBW crew at Ultra Croatia! ;)Visiting Pamukkale (YachtLife Mediterranean Add-On)

Welcome to a thermal bath in the beautiful Mediterranean! This natural wonder is comprised of terraces & travertine formed by hot springs & streams depositing carbonate minerals. Experience this ancient site with your YachtLife buddies, relax, & soak up the curative powers Pamukkale is believed to emanate. ;) 

Ultra 1.jpg

Partying at Sea

Just a bunch of LBW sailors taking on the Mediterranean Sea, partying on a yacht until the sun comes up.

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