Top 8 Reasons to Live the YogaLife

Top 8 Reasons to Live the YogaLife

Imagine the jungles of Krabi at your back, the sounds of swinging macaques echoing through the palm boughs. Then add the scintillating rollers of the Thai Andaman, lapping rhythmically against the karst cliffs and picture-perfect beaches of the shore. Drop in a group of likeminded travellers all eager for a blowout in the Land of Smiles, not to mention daily classes of yoga that push the body and mind, a regime of healthy smoothies and not-so-healthy Chang beers, the opportunity to scuba through coral reefs and the succulent flavours of the Thai kitchen. Bingo: that’s the YogaLife. As if you needed eight more reasons to go and live it!

To get more flexible

Everyone knows traveling stretches the horizons and pushes the boundaries of that comfort zone, but living the YogaLife while on the road promises a whole other sort of expansion. We’re talking muscles and joints folks, as those early-morning sessions of toe-touching and downward dogs on the beaches of Krabi slowly push your tendons and sinews to their potential!

To become one with nature

Sounds cliché, and maybe it is, but you’ll almost certainly see what we mean about becoming one with nature when you find yourself meditating atop an ancient boulder between the jungle-clad hills of the Andaman Coast, the palm boughs swaying back and forth with the rhythm of your breathing; the lapping Indian Ocean waves as the backing track. Sounds good right?

To detox

If you think you’ve been guzzling a few too many of those potent bucket cocktails, or gone just one Chang too far in the evenings, then a taste of the YogaLife might just be the perfect thing. Travellers can opt to take a five-day ‘Superfood Smoothie Detox’ when staying at KrabiLife Homestay, which means uber-healthy morning drinks cooked up by our great friend Ashley Jubinville, our nutrition guru. Perfection.

To meet new, likeminded, people

YogaLife is more than just a travel itinerary: it’s a philosophy; a fusion of rejuvenation, exploration and adventure. That means it attracts likeminded people who are all after the same thing. People who’ll share those sultry beach days on Koh Phi Phi, the Thai massages, the long chin wags over the Indian Ocean, the sea kayaking excursions, raucous nights out, and – of course – the yoga!

To tone those muscles

Yoga is a multifaceted exercise no doubt. With regular sessions, it pushes the body to do things you might not have thought it could, stretching tendons for greater range of movement and raising a bodily awareness in the mind. It also builds strength, which means unlike most, you might just be leaving Thailand with a bit more bulk in the pecs and panache in the bicep. Who knows?

To see Thailand at its best

The YogaLife tour not only involves daily yoga sessions, but also an exploration of one of the most beautiful parts of the Land of Smiles. We head to the paradisiacal reaches of the Andaman Sea, kayak over the coral reefs and under the karst cliffs of the Hat Nopparat Thara-Ko Phi Phi National Park, hop between ivory-white beaches, see waterfalls, hot springs, sea turtles (if we’re lucky) and more!

To kick-back in KrabiLife LBW Homestay

Founded and run by one of LBW’s first ever guiders, fun-loving, perennially-smiling Rong, the KrabiLife Homestay is one of the real treats of the YogaLife. Chilled, calm, cool and hedonistic when it needs to be, the spot is unique with its curious fishbowl bungalows and splash pool amidst the jungles of Krabi. In short: a great base for partying, sunning yourself and practicing the yoga!

To know thyself

Apologies for the Shakespearean but it sounded a smidgen more dramatic! Still, the mantra runs true: practicing yoga helps you become at one. YogaLife’s trained instructors will help you develop a calmness and harmony within, giving you time to consider the things that are really important in life. Our mantra: Travel and yoga brings love and light to your life. Learn, relax and explore.

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