Top 10 Things to do in Panama!

Top 10 Things to do in Panama!

Jaguar Animal Rescue

Sounds pretty exotic right? This prestigious rescue centre was created after locals began dropping off wounded abandon animals. This experience will leave you with a warm heart and big smile. Interact with monkeys, and get up close and personal with other rare animals. Coffee Plantation Tours

For all the coffee lovers! Most of us drink a cup of java at least once a day, but don't know much about where it comes from or where it's made. Learn all about the amazing process of coffee making, from growing and harvesting to roasting and exporting. Get ready for an afternoon buzz! ;)Puerto Viejo Bike Tour

Everyone likes riding a bike once in a while, especially in paradise! Enjoy a relaxing bike tour with highlights of the surf town, bars, restuarants, and spas! Mini Canyon Rock Climbing & Hot Springs

Take the plunge into a river that flows through a crack in the earths surface resulting from an earthquake! Take in the views from the top, jump into the river, and swim in the hot springs! 

Jungle ATV Excursions

Everyone enjoys a wild ride! In Bocas Del Toro, you will hop on an ATV for a day filled with adventure, jungle wildlife, and lots of mud so get ready to get dirty! ;) Enjoy ripping through trails and discover some of Panama's hidden treasures. 


Ever tried surfing? Get adventurous, grab your board, and surf the swells in Panama Paradise! There's always time to catch a wave ;)

Live that Beach Bum Life

If you're looking for some down time or just want to work on that tan, enjoy the pristine beaches of Panama! Relax and soak up the sun while sipping on a yummy beverage! 

Catamaran Trip

Get ready for an afternoon of sunshine, cocktails, and sailing with the LBW crew! 

Waterfall Hikes

Boquete wouldn't be what it is without the 3 Lost Waterfalls. Go on an exploratory hike full of flora & fauna. Prepare yourself for a good workout, it can be quite the trek but completely worth it! 

Underwater Reef Surfing

Explore the exotic marine life beneath the ocean at a fast pace! Glide above the coral holding on for the ride of your life! Prepare yourself for a very an exhilarating experience!

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