Top 10 Things to do in & around Bali

Monkey Forest in UbudNo shortage of monkeys at this ancient Hindu temple in the forest! Approximately 605 of them waiting to steal your food!SurfingAlways wanted to catch a wave? Bali offers an endless array of beaches for begginers to advanced!

The beaches of Lombok are pristine and untouched while Kuta beach is home to some of the biggest global surf competitionsPaddle Boarding in the Gili IslandsThe glass-like waters of Gili islands offer the perfect place to stand up paddle board.

If you're lucky you'll see all sorts of aquatic life pass by, including Bali's famous giant sea turtles!Uluwatu TempleThis Balinese sea temple perched on top of a 70 meter high cliff is nothing short of magical. The perfect place to take your next magestic profile photoWhite Water Rafting in UbudJourney on water two hours through the jungle, surrounded by waterfalls and wildlife. Experience amazing panoramic views and fast rapids along the way while you prepare for the 4 meter drop at the end!Coffee PlantationsEver wonder where that cup of Joe comes from? You'll learn all about the coffee-making process and even get to try all types to get that coffee buzz on.Taste the Amazing Traditional DishesNasi Goreng, translated to "fried rice" in English is so much more than that. Known as the national dish of Indonesia, you'll see CNN International chose Indonesian Nasi Goreng as number two for their 'World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods' list.Watch the Sunrise on Top of a VolcanoHead out on this adventure in the middle of the night to beat the sun. Catch the sunrise and 360 degree views of Bali from 1717 meters up on Mount Batur. If you're lucky, you'll haul up an egg with you and cook it with the heat exiting the volcano!Explore the Rice Fields in UbudThese rice terraces are not only stunning, they are also an eco-friendly form of farming. This system for planting rice, called Sabuk offers efficient irrigation and maximizes the use of space. You'll visit them on our BLISSFUL BALI 19 day tourKecak DanceAn ancient Balinese trance dance depicting a battle from the epic Sanskrit poem Ramayana. Probably not the type of trance you're used to but you shouldn't miss this unique experience!

In fact, you'll get to experience all the highlights of Bali on our Blissful Bali tour.


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