Top 10 Reasons Why Peru NEEDS to be on your Bucket List

Top 10 Reasons Why Peru NEEDS to be on your Bucket List

Peru is a country full of so much character just waiting to be introduced to everyone! The dark jungles, furry lamas and infamous Inca Trail are only SOME of the astounding things that build a beautiful picture when thinking about visiting Peru. Blessed with attractions, activities and delicate culture, Peru wins when it comes to traveling across South America, and here are the TOP 10 reasons why you need to meet Peru! :) 

Machu Picchu

A trip to Peru would not be complete without visiting the legendary Machu Picchu! The most miraculous archaelogical site in South America. It is a trek of a lifetime and will leave you with the fulfilling feeling of accomplishment and complete bliss because of the magical trail you just conquered

Sand Boarding

Ever been snowboarding? This is quite similar except you're shredding sand instead of powder! This unique sport is for every adventure enthousiast and anyone who is looking for a good laugh! The best part, it's hot! Time to tear up the slopes on a sand board all over the dunes of Floripa. 

Experience the Amazon Jungle

You'll never experience a jungle quite like this one. Get lost in the beautiful natural habitat of Iquitos. Not only will the Ceiba tree amaze you, but so will the rare animals you encounter. If you're lucky, you'll see and hear the howler monkey, whose resounding roar can be heard from miles away.

Animal Spotting

Welcome to the world of Llamas! Did you know they are a relative of the camel? Nothing like making friends and taking selfies with these domesticated South American creatures. Not only will Llamas be apart of your journey but you will run into some pygmy marmoset and cute little sloths too!

Explore Lima

The capital city of Peru (Lima) is known as "The City of Kings". Lima will take your breath away with its coastal desert overlooking the Pacific Ocean, full of historical charm. Spend your day shopping and visiting Spanish cathedrals and ruins, or surfing and paragliding in this ancient city. 

Peruvian Food

So much yum! Experience Peru's authentic cusine, the dishes will have your mouth watering. To really appreciate the lucious flavours you need to eat them from where they originated! You will become addicted! 

Visit an Indigenous Tribe

Visit the local tribe living in the Amazon that has been there for hundreds of years! Learn about the culture and how they still hunt with a blow gun! Crazy right? Be introduced to some of their unique crafts, dances, hunting techniques, and traditions. An incredible experience to say the least.

Exciting Cooking Classes

Learn to cook the Peruvian way! Be introduced to the local authentic food and learn their incredible cooking traditions. After having some fun in the kitchen, enjoy the delicious meal you just prepared with all your new friends. 

Pink Dolphin Spotting

You're not in Sea World, this is as real as it gets! Get up close and personal in the water with these amazing PINK creatures in their natural habitat! There's one for the bucket list! 

Venture through the City of Cuzco

The City of Cuzco is sure to please you with an abundance of opportunity. Get cheap massages, tattoos, shop until you drop, explore colonial museums, or rent motorcycles and venture into the Andean mountains! The adventure is endless. 

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? CLICK HERE to explore PERU!

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