Top 10 Foods to Eat in Vietnam

Pho - Vietnamese Noodle SoupVietnam's signature dish. Sure, sure, you may have had it anywhere other than Vietnam, but does that really count? It's impossible not to love that delicious broth over rice noodles and the abundance of herbs.

The beautiful thing about Pho, everyone eats it differently. Eat it as its served, add soya, add sriracha, whatever you prefer - it's well worth it.Banh Mi - BaguettesBanh Mi takes street meat to a whole other level. It is a staple street food usually sold at small street stalls.

A beautiful baguette, filled with pork liver pate, vietnamese sausage, radish, carrot, cucumer, mayonaise, and the best part - chilli! Don't knock it until you try it!Cao Lau - Pork on Thick NoodlesDELICIOUS! This dish originates in Hoi An, and is an ABSOLUTE MUST TRY! Yum! Thick wheat noodles as the base of the dish and topped with juicy pork slices, greens, bean sprouts and peanuts. A sultry pork and herb infused broth is then poured over the dish so it can soak up ALL the flava!Goi Cuon/Nem Ran - Summer Rolls/Fried Spring RollsEither of these dishes are great to share, or great for a little snack! The Goi Cuon (Summer Rolls) are packed with fresh herbs, vermicelli rice noodles, and delicious prawns, and can also be made vegetarian! Best dipped in a tangy peanut sauce. Nem Ran (Fried Spring Rolls) have a filling of meat and veggies and are deep fried to get nice and crispy - also best dipped in some tangy sauce of your choosing. Who's hungry?Thit Nuong - Grilled Pork Another delicious type of meat found on the street! This dish is definitely for lovers of the BBQ. The pork is marinated and then grilled over hot, hot charcoals. You can either have it served over noodles (a common favourite), in a baguette, or wrapped up in tasty spring rolls.Banh Xeo - Crepe WrapCrispy crepe, cooked meats, bean sprouts, fresh herbs. Wrap it up. Then, wrap it up AGAIN with lettuce, basil, mint and mustard leaves. Wrap extrodinaire.

Before stuffing your face with this delicious wrap, make sure you dip it generously into a sweet, sour, salty and hot dip (Nuoc Cham). INDULGE. Bun Bo Nam Bo - Beef on Rice NoodlesVermicelli noodles, covered in tender slivers of grilled beef, peanuts and fresh and delicious Vietnamese herbs. This dish typically comes with a side dip of that tasty, tasty Nuoc Cham. You are welcome do with it as you please. Cover your Bun Bo Nam Bo in the sweet, salty, hot sauce, dip your beef in it, or don't use it all. The choice is up to you!Cha Ca - White Fish & DillYou're in Vietnam, therefore, you HAVE to try seafood. It's seriously a must. This dish is unlike any other - pan fried white fished sauteed in buttery goodness, fress dill, and onions. It's served with rice noodles and peanuts and is everything you could have hoped for and more!Ca Phe Trung - Egg CoffeeCoffee lovers REJOICE! Not only does Vietnam have seriously, the BEST coffee, but it has variety too. It does sound more than strange - eggs in your coffee.. WHAT? Again, don't knock it until you try it. This is Vietnam's delicacy, whipped egg served over hot coffee. Don't call yourself a coffee lover if you're not going to try this. Yeah, we went there.Bia Hoi - Cheap BeerWhat's better than coffee? BEER! Fill up your cup for 5,000 Dong ($0.24). This is one of the best experiences out there - pulling up a tiny chair, sometimes in the middle of the street, and drinking cheap beer with old friends, new friends and locals! You can't NOT drink it for that price. Bottom's up!

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