Top 10 Beaches In Costa Rica

Top 10 Beaches In Costa Rica

Can't decide if Cost Rica is the right place for your next adventure? These top 10 beaches will take your breath away, and will have you booking your next ticket right away! 

Manuel Antonio

The most popular beach in Costa Rica! This is your true tropical paradise beach surrounded by palm trees and jungle lined hills. The fun activities aren't far if you want a mix of adventure and relaxation!


This beach is a cute hidden gem with plenty of shops and unique restaurants nearby. It is pretty secluded if you're looking for some down time. Puerto ViejoThis small Caribbean surf side village is definitely becoming a hot spot for everyone with its white sand and beautiful sunsets. The local Costa Rica beaches are absolutely stunning.


This is the runner up for the most popular beach in Costa Rica! A little hippie town located on a strip of beach that has something to offer anyone! You can go for a swim, try boogie boarding, and learn to surf here! 

Tamarindo 1.jpg

Mai Pais - Santa Teresa

Well known for beautiful beaches, amazing surf, yoga, and nightlife, Mal Pais & Santa Teresa are a must see! This area is home to some of the best surfing beaches in Costa Rica. Calling all surfers! 


One of the most secretive and inreresting beaches. It is a bit of a trek to get to, but well worth it! Enjoy the laid back, private atmosphere of Montezuma.


A small fishing village beach off the beaten path located along the southern carribean coast and a national park which protects the coral reefs just off the beaches.


Located on the Pacific coast with towering jungle lined mountains and surrounding trees, making for an incredible backdrop. Just your typical tropical paradise. 

Drake Bay

Drake owns this beach! Ha, Just Kidding. This beach is simply beautiful with a variety of protected areas, surf spots, and scenic rock.

Papagayo Gulf

Crystal clear blue water and is home to all-inclusive resorts and is well known for its calm swimming beaches and stunning scenery. 

Needing some sunshine in your life? Grab that bathing suit and hit the sand with us! 


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