Time Flies when you're having fun

Our adventure continued in Paraty, a small, fairly chill city in Brazil with an ocean view and lots to do! Time went by really fast during our time spent here. We had a bit of time to hang out on the beach, but our days were pretty packed for the most part.

On our first full day we took a trip to visit one of the 100 waterfalls nearby and slid down a nature-made waterslide on rocks, explored other waterfalls and swung on a “Tarzan” rope into a natural spring. We ended the day by taking a tour to see how Cachaca, the liquor used in Caipirinhas, is made, which obviously included a bunch of samples (good thing this was one of the last activities of the day)… During one of our free days we decided to be old school and test out our bowling skills (some of us realized we needed to brush up on these skills more than others). The bowlerena had a bunch of arcade games, including our new favorite “Taco Ball”, which entertained us for hours. Free time was also spent exploring Old and New Town Paraty, shopping and getting the best ice cream I have EVER tasted.

On one of our last days we spent the day at an adventure park and went zip lining, but not just regular zip lining like we are used to, it was zip lining in an obstacle course through a real life “Jungle Gym”. It was intense, but so incredibly fun at the same time. The struggle was more real for some of us haha. We brought the party to Paraty and spent lots of time partying with the locals at another hostel and at a club, which literally was in someone’s basement. We need these in Canada!! On our very last day in Paraty, we went on the most epic boat party where unlimited drinks and lunch was only 20 real…we definitely got our money’s worth. We stopped a few times to jump off the boat and go swimming, but the majority of the day was spent having a huge dance party on the boat. We were definitely the life of the party and represented Life Before Work proudly. Although we had plans to continue the party once we got off the boat, everyone passed out pretty quickly once we got back to the hostel. It was probably for the better anyway, since the next day was a whole day of traveling to our next and final destination in Brazil, Florianopolis.


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