Those Blissful Bali Views...

Sitting here on the balcony of our hotel (in my lucky wifi spot haha) looking out at our beautiful hotel for the last morning, seriously you cannot beat these breakfast views. 


It has been pretty rainy here the last couple days, but it hasn't stopped us from having some crazy adventures. 

We visited the most amazing coffee plantation the other day. We got to see the processing of their famous coffee beans and sample all of their delicious coffees and teas- let me tell you, their mangosteen tea is to die for! They're famous for theirLuwak coffee, which is made from beans that have been through the digestive tract of the Luwak cat- and then washed and roasted. I was a bit less adventurous in my purchases but made sure to grab a package of the mangosteen tea and one of their coffee and cacao mixes- and I'm not even a coffee drinker so they are that good! Then we headed off for some white water rafting- and for someone who's done a bit of rafting back home in the Rockies, this is my absolute favorite rafting trip! It is over two hours long, floating down this amazing river, with the most incredible views. Lucky for us, our rafting guide classifies himself as a "medium" level guide (when we asked if he was the best haha) but managed to paddle pretty much the entire time by himself so we could enjoy the views - (he was better than medium ). It was breathtaking. The rapids here are quite good, with a lot of action packed moments in the trip, including a four meter drop at the end! Seriously, so much fun, and definitely a highlight of the trip. 

Most of our activities and temple visits have included an insane amount of stairs, seriously we are all coming back with buns and legs of steel, but that is all nothing compared to the hike we just completed at Mount Batur. My famous last words after finishing were, "it was so fun! I would never do it again..." Haha. It really was worth every gruelling step up that active volcano (sorry grandma!) to see, without question, the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. We left the hotel at 1 am and arrived at 2 am for a quick breakfast before our hike. We had two guides help us along the way, and a handful of flashlights. The path was insane, and super steep, with huge rocks and sand everywhere, but we made it up with very minor injuries haha- just a few scrapes and bruises. Usually the trip takes about 2.5 to 3.5 hours but our group managed to make it up in just over 2! Which also meant a long wait for that sunrise. We all brought sweaters but none of us were actually prepared for how cold that wait would be!! And the sun took its time that day haha. Of course it was worth the wait though, there are no words! 


After a very scary climb down, we headed back home to the hotel for some serious napping. I celebrated successfully completing the hike (I seriously considered stopping at the halfway point haha) with the most amaaaazing 7 dollar massage! Seriously, 7 dollars!!! It was heaven, the crew is definitely still feeling a little sore today but we get to check hiking a volcano off our bucket lists, so who're the real winners here!

I am so sad to be leaving Ubud today, and this seriously incredible hotel, it is such a beautiful place- but I am excited to see what adventures lie ahead for us in Lombok. 

Later friends! 


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