This place can't be real!

When we arrived in Railay, the first thing that came to mind was “This place can’t be real!”. The stunning mountains and lush greenery of Railay is the definition of beauty.

On our first afternoon here, we went to the beach. The shore was lined with long boats selling food and drinks. It was amazing to finally get into the water – I was definitely looking forward to the beach locations.

The next day we went rock climbing and caving. I was so happy this was part of our tour because it was an incredible experience. I’ve rock climbed before, but nothing can compare to climbing the side of a mountain in Thailand.. And make sure to enjoy the view at the top before you come down. Caving was a work out! We climbed through slim paths and up ladders in a black cave lit by fire torches to come out at an opening overlooking the beach. The view was more than worth it!! We also went kayaking here in Railay.

We took a short ride to the location where we got into our kayaks. We had half a day in the water, kayaking through open water and skinny paths through the jungle. We even saw some monkeys along the way! Tomorrow we are doing an Island Tour that everyone decided to do as an extra activity. There will be a big beach BBQ and the night will finish with a night swim where we can see bioluminescent plankton!


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