Everyone knows about the fold-up hairdryers and the nifty little makeup cases for the ladies, but what about the world of travel accessories for men? Well, believe it or not, 2017 finds that industry alive and well, with everything from multi-pronged charging boxes for the tech-heads to self-drying towels for those who like the odd ad hoc swim in the great outdoors. Check out our list of the must-have pieces of kit for the budding male globetrotter in the coming year…

Electronic luggage scale

Ah, the dreaded overweight luggage: the bane of so many a backpacker's life and the cause of so many an extra airport fee. Avoid the pitfalls of having a travel pack that weighs to much by purchasing one of these nifty little pocket-sized scales. They'll give you an accurate reading on the mass of your baggage, so you're sure never to tip the limit again. And they should make it easier to check if you've got enough weight to spare to fit in those gifts from the duty-free on the way home.

Power knife

Gone are the days when a Swiss Army Knife was the tool of choice for traveling men, beloved of all Bear Grylls-wannabes who pined for lonely walkabouts in the bush or survival trails in the peaks of the Rockies. Today, those nifty sets of blades and corkscrews have been supplanted by the so-called power knife. They look similar to their Alpine compadres, but where once there were hidden cutters there are now all sorts of USB connectors and phone chargers, enough for most types of modern laptops and smartphones.

USB/WiFi Cufflinks

One for the budding James Bonds and would-be Mi5 agents amongst us, these swish chrome cufflinks double up as a USB WiFi hotspot, which means unlimited internet connections in all those classy cocktail parties and high-society soirees you're bound to attend as you hop across from the shimmering beaches of Nica's Pacific coast to the party isles of the Land of Smiles. But seriously, if you've got somewhere in the region of $250 lying around, then you're bound to look the swishiest of the swish as you start beaming out speedy 4G from your sleeves. Sounds weird, but we reckon it's pretty darn cool.

A leather weekender bag

Obsessions with new bags are not just the province of female travellers. Lads love to concern themselves with the style, size and look of their packs too, even if they tend to do it in muted whispers or behind closed doors. One trend that's really taking hold of the male side of the market in recent years is that of weekend holder bags. Essentially a large duffle bag that can be easily passed through low-cost airlines as carry on, they offer plenty of space for a long weekend away. Opt for leather if you're looking for the most stylish and sturdy options.

A power bank wallet

Plenty of guys will be looking for an electronic solution to their ebbing smartphone and tablet batteries this year. Many will opt for a standalone portable charger, which are great if you often need to add a little bit of juice to your devices on the go. What's even better is this nifty combo between a wallet and a portable charger, which combines two essential pieces of travel kit in one for ease of use. What's more, by having that important lithium battery stowed away in the fabric of your purse, you're certain never to leave it behind again.

Ultra-fast-drying towel

No matter if you're emerging from the gushing waterfalls of Erawan in the depths of jungle-dressed Thailand, or coming out of the Bahamian seas a la Daniel Craig (Speedos are compulsory, of course), an ultra-fast drying towel is the perfect solution for those wet bods in 2017. Made from a patented microfiber material that dries with just a single squeeze, they are easy to pack and fold up to almost pocked-sized proportions. Swim away gents!

A waterproof phone case

While many of the more modern smartphone makes are now adding in waterproof technology to their devices as standard, older models and less-well-known names still rely on the responsible nature of their owners. Add in a few SangSom rums and a dousing of Chang and you can all but guarantee that said responsibility is well and truly out of the bamboo-fringed window, which is even worse when there's tubing or Full Moon beach parties on the evening's line-up. The solution for our inebriated young males? A waterproof phone case, suited and sealed to their specific device's proportions.

Shoe bags

Simple but sweet, shoe bags have the power to combat that most irritating of packing mishaps: dirty soles. All they are is a thin layer of plastic that stops your muddied trainers or worn hiking boots from getting the rest of your clothes dirty in the sack. So, if you've been hiking Indonesia's volcanos, conquering the salt flats of Peru, hitting the muddy trails of Amazonia, or even just strolling along the sandy proms of San Juan del Sur, it’s likely these ones will come in handy.

GoPro sports camera

Last but certainly not least comes the trusted GoPro sports cam. These tried-and-tested recorders have been the go-to device of choice for intrepid travellers and extreme sportsters for years. The newest GoPro 5 comes in a fully waterproof shell that can protect it up to 10 meters under (great for those would-be PADI divers), loaded with advanced image stabilization technology (you know, for those speedy ski runs down the chutes of Chamonix), and with full HD recording (great for capturing Thailand's mesmerizing sunsets). What are you waiting for?

Of course, there are treasure troves of more of tech and travel gadgetry currently on the market that could suit the budding male globetrotter. If you can think of something to add to this list of the top travel accessories for men in 2017, we'd really love to hear your voice in the comments section below. Alternatively, if you think it's time you put your nifty new travel kit to work on the road, why not check out LBW's line-up of travel itineraries

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