As mentioned in my previous blog we had a very early morning on Sunday so we could climb up 1260 stairs to get to “Tiger Temple” where we did a lovely group meditation and watched the gorgeous sun greet us for the day.

The trek up the mountain wasn’t actually all that bad unless you are scared of the dark and stairs. Before we got to the temple, Noelle told us there were a lot of dogs at the bottom on the mountain and they will usually follow you up the mountain and sure enough one of the dogs did the entire trip up with us. (picture below) I wasn’t really sure why there were dogs around until the monkeys came out when the sun was fully risen. As soon as one of those naughty monkeys got too close to us, the dog would run over and bark at the monkey from getting too close to us or really anyone who was at the temple. It was so cute and amazing to watch man’s best friend do what they do best, protect us from harm. Unfortunately, “Omi” (we named her since she sat with us the entire time we meditated) had to “lady” her post at the temple when we started the trek down the mountain and a huge group of monkeys starting coming up the stairs while we were making our descent. Usually I am not afraid of wild animals but when you know how naughty and grabby they can be I got fairly nervous, thankfully no one was harmed or got something stolen when we had the monkey pack encounter.

The following day was another beach day but this time we went to Railay. Just when you think you already reached paradise you get to see something just as if not more amazing. I did another viewpoint hike that day to my own surprise as I am not a “hiking” person at all let alone doing two of them two days in a row but it was totally worth it. We climbed through a cave and up some scary ladders to reach a breathtaking view of the island. My legs are extremely sore today but it’s not the things that we do we regret but the things we don’t do and I am so happy and proud of myself for doing that trek.

Sitting on a ferry as we speak for our next destination, Koh Phi Phi, to finish off this amazing tour with of course daily yoga practices, another view point hike and chill days to do whatever we want.

Thank you to Rong and his amazing family for taking care of us these past 10 days!! I am going to miss you all but as Rong likes to say “this isn’t goodbye it’s see you later”.

Find more information on LBW's YogaLife tour here!

Hello from the gorgeous Krabi Life homestay 

My name is Amber, some of you may have met me last December on the "Blissful Bali" tour, the "Vietnam Explorer" tour from November or even on the 3-week Thailand tour that happened this year over the holiday season, but if not I am a 27-year-old girl from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who did not start travelling soon enough in my life so I am currently doing a 3-month adventure around southeast Asia trying to get my fill before I get "too old" although you never too old to travel or even start travelling. 

I work in an office back home in a job that keeps me on my toes and has me using my brain in all sorts of ways all day long taking care of 4 needy guys with one of my best friends from college. I live on an acreage with my sister, 2 dogs and 2 cats. I am short with a what I have been told is either an annoying or adorable small voice. I also have the most amazing and supportive boyfriend ever waiting for me at home whom I cannot wait to get back to but Asia was calling my name ever since I got a small taste of it last year.

I just finished the 3 week Thailand tour that started in late December which was amazing! Before that tour I went to Phuket for 10 days and did yoga twice a day and visited all the beaches I could get my hands on while I was there. After the 3-week tour, I did a 2-week volunteer project with the elephants for 1 week in Surin, Thailand and then taught English to kids in Cambodia for a week, which was probably the most fulfilling thing I have done on my adventure so far. As of right now I am on the Yogalife tour with LBW, and once this tour is over I will be going to Siem Reap, Cambodia to stay at the Tipsy Turtle hostel for 1 week before I finally get home and reality again.

Thank you in advance for reading my blogs!!

Amber ☺


Facebook: Amber Freysteinson

Instagram: amberf89

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