The Postcard Views

Hey guys! Back to write to you from a gorgeous little town in a peninsula named Railay! It's a really tiny, but beautiful, little area that is very different from any of our previous visits. It wasn't all fun and games arriving here however. 

Upon leaving Koh Phangan, it was a very strong downpour of rain! We were picked up in the back of our taxi trucks and headed to the boat port. Cutting really close on time, we got stuck with the crappy, unsheltered seats in the back of the fairy. With an early morning and miserable weather across the open ocean, there were many grumpy faces. Saying our goodbyes, the 6-week and 3-week groups were split for good, and we were headed to Railay! Our first day was spent settling in and visiting the gorgeous beach nearby. This was much different than other stops due to the massive rocks that towered above and lined the beach. I guess I should also let you know that Railay is a very famous mountain climbing location so it's always cool to watch. There was a very weird but oddly fascinating cove that sheltered a "penis temple" as we called it. Story has it touching the statuettes will bring good and promising fertility; so of course I had give 'em a rub. 

The following day was spent with a little more relaxation but not until after our hike! I wouldn't throw this as a chart topper but it was definetly a very amazing experience. We had scoured through little tunnels and up some very high ladders for about 15 minutes. If it wasn't for our flashlights there's no way we would have possibly made it! Upon reaching the top we were given a gorgeous view of the entire beach and all of its serene beauty. When they say Railay gives you "postcard" views, they really aren't exaggerating! 

To finish off the night we went to our nightly hangout bar called "The Last Bar". Great food and even better entertainment! A man by the name of Ting would play guitar and sing like you could not imagine! He would also put on a fantastic fire show right afterwards. Upon his many other skills he was a jack of all trades, and really good at them too! On this night they had the Muay Thai fights right after dinner. A few of the boys convinced me to hop in the ring, & I ended up fighting another Thai local! I wouldn't say I was nervous, but I did have the jitters. I actually ended up winning in the first round!

The next day was spent kayaking through the Mangroves. If you are in the area this is a must do! The towering mangrove trees and Rocky Mountains that lined our pathway were stunning! We had an abundance of fun splashing each other and navigating through the beautiful canals. This was also quite tiring, seeing as how it's been basically the only exercise I've had in a long time. 


We spent the remainder of the day partying and reuniting with our 3-week friends who visited us on a day trip to Railay. 

The following day was an exclusive boys day on a fishing trip with all the gents and Boat Number 40. This was definitely my personal favourite thing we did! We did a few different activities like fishing of course, hanging out and some free climbing! The free climbing was absolutely amazing! As difficult as it was, the adrenaline and the jump off were well worth the climb! 6 or 7 meters never looked so scary! We toured a few cool islands and took in a lot of sun. Upon our return to Railay it was pouring rain! We were already in our bathing suits so it was a cool experience back! Dinner was supposed to be the fish we caught, however the famous Railay plague got the best of most of our crew! We had over 80% of our group hugging the toilet for most of the day; scratch that... Days! I was fortunate enough to not get sick, thank god! I for one think it was my constant denial that I ever felt shitty, mind games you could say! I also ate a lot of chicken, which they said not to eat on the island.

Leaving the following day, I would have to say Railay was a really really good time. Filled with many different experiences and new things to see, I would definitely recommend visiting; just be careful with the Railay Plague! I would highly recommend taking a cave hike or even just heading to the beaches! Now headed to Koh Phi Phi!


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