The Perfect Island

Koh Phi Phi is my absolutely my favourite island in Thailand. The vibe as soon as we got off the ferry got everyone so excited. After being in quiet little Railay we were ready to see some people (and not feel like death).

The scariest part was taking a little long tail boat to a bigger ferry and transferring MID WATER. But as soon as we got on the ferry it was clear sailing, and a gorgeous ride! I love a good boat tour and we got to see the surrounding little islands and get some needed sunshine. Phi Phi really is party island, and as soon as we got off we were able to see heaps of little cafes, restaurants, and shops. 

That afternoon we hit the beach by the pier. There was a gorgeous landscape of boats and mountains, and my new favourite beach day of the trip. We established that Breakers was our go to for Western-style meals. I had a lovely veggie pizza the first day, and a few burgers at various points during our stay. Real food was welcomed after not eating in Railay haha. Our second day we did a lovely sunset hike to the viewpoint over Phi Phi. It's a stunning view of the two beaches, and probably one of my favourite beach views ever (can I say how much I love Phi Phi). It was a lot of steps to climb but so worth it. 

Our last day we did a speed boat cruise around the islands. The water was so clear! And we were able to see The Beach in Maya Bay where the movie was filmed. We stopped at a few different islands so we could swim and snorkel and drink in the water. Was incredible to be so close to the fish and coral in the water and see it so clearly. We also watched the sunset in the water, which was a perfect end to the cruise. Two of the evenings we went to Blancos and had a few beverages on the beach and danced on the sand, which was reminiscent of the Full Moon party. I could have definitely stayed longer in Phi Phi for sure. But am ready to hit a bigger island. 

Best Bar: Live Music Bar

Best Drink: 150 baht strawberry daiquiri buckets

Worth the Trek: Viewpoint hike


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