The hustle & bustle of Bangkok

Dazzling temples, crazy tuk tuk drivers and a wild nightlife, Bangkok certainly lives up to its reputation as a travel hotspot in southeast Asia. Our tour began in Bangkok with the three and six week tour groups, and it’s been more amazing than I anticipated.

On the first day of the tour we spent a couple hours soaking up the sun and drinking Chang beers on a rooftop pool. Later in the evening we took a boat ride to the riverfront, which I thought would be similar to Koh San Road; a populated market surrounded by tons of t-shirt shops. I was wrong. Asiatique the Riverfront was breathtaking and majestical. With beautiful lights, an extremely tall ferris wheel and tons of shops, the Riverfront was very posh. That evening we began the party at the at the bucket bar. If you don’t already know about the buckets, I recommend you get to know them. I swear they should be labelled, ‘Warning, drinking this bucket will make your evening nothing but amazing and everyone will be your best friend by the end of this.’ Exploring Koh San Road in the evening is completely different then in the day. There’s upbeat dancing, loud music and hundreds of people. Combine those with Koh San Road in general and you have a pretty amazing party scene.

The next day we went to explore one of Bangkok’s 300 temples, Wats Pra Keo. This is Bangkok’s largest temple and certainly is amazing. The detailing and architecture alone leaves you speechless. This is the most beautiful and dazzling sight in Bangkok. To celebrate our last night we all went out for dinner to this is delicious Indian restaurant. After syringe and watermelon Jell-O shots if you haven’t already felt like the group is family, you will after this night.

As Buddha once said, “this itself in the whole of the journey, opening your heart to that which is lovely.” Bangkok is just the beginning of this life changing adventure.

Next stop, Koh Tao.


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